Ten on Tuesday…

Ten Things on Your To Do List
1) Finish my challenge quilt. Needs to be done by April 16th…
2) Finish Socks that I am knitting for Scarlett. They are a real pretty dark brown – but, am finding the pattern boring.
3) Finish the Socks that I am knitting for Colleen. Love this pattern! I could knit it a zillion times and not be bored.
4) Make Hand warmers for myself – everyone I know has a pair but me…
5) Get my address book in order. I have addresses on pieces of paper – it’s crazy!
6) Organize my kitchen cupboards. I just need to put pasta with pasta – and organize so I know what I have in there.
7) Clean off my desk – it is a mess. I have forgotten the open mail, deal with it, or throw it out rule! And, I need to get back to it.
8) Get the filing done! It nothing else, take an hour a day and get it done!
9) Vacuum the house. It’s not like my house is dirty – because it isn’t…but, I just forget to vacuum everyday…
10) Start walking everyday! I walked a couple of days last week when the weather was really nice and I just enjoyed it so much!!!
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