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10 Least Liked Foods

1) Green Peas – I can’t stand green peas. I remember getting into trouble in the third grade – Miss Smith (lordy, she was older than dirt) sent me to the office because I wouldn’t eat my “greeny greens”!

2) Exotic foods – you know like chocolate covered spiders, goat, etc. – I mean I don’t think I would be rude and offend anyone if I were traveling in some strange land and they invited me to dinner. But the chances of that are slim to none!

3) Spicy Buffalo Wings or anything really spicy or curried food. My tummy can’t take it.

4) Bread and Butter or Sweet Pickles – I only eat Dill Pickles!

5) Eggplant – the thought makes me think of when I was little and my grandmother used to make it – she would fry it and we would eat it with maple syrup on top. I might could eat it that way – but any other way – NAH…

6) Okra – never, never, never. I feel really safe in saying that I will NEVER eat okra.

7) Raw onion – I can’t eat raw onion – but, if it is cooked I can handle it!!! Isn’t that weird?

8) Lima Beans – oh – no! And, when they ruin my corn by putting lima beans in it – then I get really upset.

9) Feta Cheese – Don’t care for the taste of it.

10) Tofu – I have to be honest and say that I have tried it – and I don’t like it. It was part of several meals in Hawaii. Then I went on a writers retreat with a group of vegetarians and if I wanted to eat – there was tofu…seven days of that and I was over tofu!

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