Today was an extremely busy day…

Finished all the sorting of boxes and things…now all that is left to do is vacuum and sweep and mop the bathroom and kitchen floors.

Dropped off a bunch of writing books at the local new/used book store…and picked up a couple books – one by James Patterson and another by David Best – an author that I never heard of before.

It has been difficult going through some of mother’s things – like jewelry. Did find some cute little embroidered handkerchiefs that she used to love – so, I’ve decided to wash and iron them – then frame them for my sister, daughter, and self.

To tell you how hectic things have been – I totally forgot my sister’s birthday – it was Saturday and we even talked to each other that day. It’s hell getting old!

Edited by Sara:

Mother is just fine – she is happy and well at the nursing home…I didn’t realize this sounded as if she might not be – thanks, Janet, for sort of pointing that out.


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