Ten on Tuesday on Wednesday…

Ten Signs that You are Getting Older

1) You have to rest in between doing housework…like running the vacuum, taking the garbage out.

2) Somehow there are more medications to take.

3) Get forgetful – can’t remember things like birthdays, doctor appointments, even fun things.

4) You listen to the Oldies station because you know all the words to those songs and you don’t understand the “new” music.

5) You don’t do malls anymore because you can’t stand the crowds.

6) All of your friends children have children of their own and they are teen-agers already.

7) You enjoy a mid-day nap

8) You are not afraid to speak your mind and you do!

9) You don’t deal with “drama queens” anymore!

10) A night out means popcorn and a good movie on the DVD – not the “hot nightclub” you used to hang out when you were 21.


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