Bloggers Quilt Festival…

Amy over at ParkCityGirl is sponsoring the First Annual Bloggers Quilt Festival. We are to pick our favorite quilt and tell the story behind it…

I have chosen this one…

Most of you will recognize it as the quilt I made for my daughter this past Christmas. It is a king size quilt.

There are 1,226 pieces in this quilt. 449 of them are the muslin pieces. 777 of them are either 2-1/2 inch square or 4-1/2″ squares of totally different fabric. None of the colored fabrices in this quilt or on the label or in the binding are the same.

I wanted my daughter to have a quilt that I had made her…and I wanted it to look old-fashioned. Hence the muslin and the muslin backing.

This quilt was the most fun to work on – I loved playing with the colors and just picking pieces of fabric out from a paper lunch sack. My daughter loves this quilt – and has had so many compliments on it…and I loved making it for her.


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