A New Skill…

A cathedral windows quilt has been on my list for ages. So, one of my friends and fellow guild members, Ellen, decided to teach us this last Wednesday night. Earlier in the year she gave me the amounts needed for a twin size quilt…so off I went to the fabric store. Ended up buying a bleached muslin – not the beige colored – but white. 33 yards of white bleached muslin!

The above is the beginning of my first 4-square block. First of all, I created the little pillows (as they are called) – then sewed two together. Since we were only there for two-and-a-half hours she showed us how to to insert our first little window. I will now sew the four blocks together and add more windows. All of my windows will be batiks!

It is all hand sewing – and I LOVE it! It is so relaxing! Am looking forward to having this as my carry around project until it is finished. No rush…just an enjoyable project.


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