The Simple Woman's Daybook…


FOR TODAY …  May 25, 2009

Outside my window…it is beautiful.  The sun is shining and there is a  nice little breeze blowing.

I am thinking…what a small world it really is!  Yesterday I walked into church and this woman said to me – “I know you – you’re a knitter.”    “Yes”, I said not at all recognizing her.  Seems she and I are on Ravelry and we are planning on attending the same camping knitting week-end…Krista, it was great meeting you face to face…who would have known that we went to the same small church!

I am thankful for…all those who have died serving our country…and those who continue to serve to make sure we live the life we live!

From the learning rooms…Still learning how to say “NO” – it is hard for someone like me who always wants to please people…but, I am getting there!

From the kitchen…today, went to a cookout at a friend’s house…had hot dogs,  sweet Italian sausage, tomato pie (which was my contribution), and brownies for dessert.   It was fun and good.   Haven’t even given a second thought to this week’s menu!

I am wearing…white socks, black shorts, and a white tee-shirt with horses on it that says “New Hampshire”

I am creating…another little gift for my kitchen swap partner

I am going…to visit Mom this week and at the same time take a look at the painted water buffalo that are on display in New London.

I am reading…Winter Games by John Lacombe

I am hoping…that there will be a bread baking class at King Arthur’s Flour in the near future.

I am hearing…very little outside – hardly any car noises – and Oprah talking in the background.

Around the house…it is so nice to notice all my photos, gifts, quilts, and the little things that make a house a home looking back at me from the walls or surfaces on which they sit.  Each one brings a reminder of someone special.

One of my favorite things…was going to the quilt show this week-end…It was awesome!  So many beautiful quilts and such cool little workshops!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  no real plans for this week – have nothing other than dinner with a friend on Tuesday on the calendar…and I think I like that!

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


This is a photo of the quilt I made for my daughter as her Christmas present this past year.  I loved making this quilt – none of the colored fabrics are the same…and it is a king size quilt.

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