Ten on Tuesday…


10 Guilty Pleasures on TV

1)  The Bachelorette – yea I know…but, I really like her!

2)  So You Think You Can Dance – I really, really like this show!!!

3)  Jeopardy!  – at least I can answer a lot of the questions

4)  Top Chef –  Tom Colicchio is awesome!

5)  The Next Food TV Star – Another food show … can’t decide it if is the food or the people on the show!

6)  The Fashion Show – just absolute camp…

7)  Project Runway – Don’t say a word about Heidi  – or Tim…

8)  Dancing with the Stars – I like Dance shows…besides Len and Bruno are a hoot!

9)  PGA or LPGA Golf – I know it is dull and boring to most – but I really love it…

10)  The Amazing Race – cause I love to see the world and it is fun through other’s eyes!

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The Simple Woman's Daybook…


FOR TODAY …  June 29, 2009

Outside my window… the sun is trying to peek out but the clouds and rainy weather seem to want to keep it hidden away.

I am thinking… that this weather really makes my asthma flair up and it makes me miserable and so tired.

I am thankful for… that Mother is doing well this week and that her hearing has improved.  The trip to the ENT was well worth it for her!

From the learning rooms… that sleeping in really just messes up my day and makes me feel worse…

From the kitchen… cleaned a bunch of lettuce yesterday and the day before.  A friend gave me a grocery bag full of all  different lettuces fresh picked from the garden – and I ended up with three one-gallon bags full.  Think I’ll share one of the bags with some friends.

I am wearing… a huge comfy white tee-shirt, black shorts, and baby blue socks…

I am creating… a lot of quilt designs in my head…now just to get them translated into fabric!

I am going… to spend the rest of this week at home fixing things up.  (see Around the House)

I am reading… James Patterson…just finished The Thomas Berryman Number; Season of the Machete is being read now; with See How They Run waiting in the wings…

I am hoping… that this weather clears up – even if for just a couple of days so that my sinuses and asthma will give me a break!

I am hearing… the fan running; the tv in the background; and Killian snoring behind me on the couch.

Around the house…  the rod in my closet came apart from the wall – so, my clothes are sort of hanging.  I need to take the clothes out; call maintenance for them to put the rod back up; and then go through the clothes for things that NO LONGER fit and donate them to the domestic violence store.  I tend to take very good care of my clothes – so they last forever…so, the things I give away will be in good condition.

One of my favorite things… was being able to go to dinner with my friend, Elizabeth.  We had dinner at the new restaurant in town…The Common Man…it was wonderful!!!  I ate  cheese and crackers for an appetizer; pan seared Rainbow Trout; scallion and cheese mashed potatoes; the best bread; and chocolate cake for dessert! 

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Clean out the closet; go through a box or two of books and take the ones I don’t want to the library for them to sell; and, of course, spend a little time with knitting needles in my hand or at the sewing machine..

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


The peaceful waters off of Acadia National Park…

Grandmother Wren is hosting The Simple Woman’s Daybook this summer while Peggy takes a vacation.

You can participate or read more daybooks  here!

My Corner of the World…

Since moving to New Hampshire people have been talking about this one place “that you just have to go and eat!”  So, finally not too long ago I was in Manchester, New Hampshire (our queen city) and I went to “the place”….

The Red Arrow Diner!


Doesn’t look like much from the outside – but, let me tell you there is a whole lot going on inside!!! 

I’ve never seen a homemade cream puff that takes up the entire dinner place…or a piece of pie so big that it is hard to get your mouth around a bite…Fresh baked bread with your bacon and eggs…the food was awesome!!!

At one time it was featured on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” on the Food Network…

So, if you find yourself in the queen city – do drop by – there are only closed on one day around Christmas time – and it is a 24-hour place…you won’t be sorry and it won’t break the bank either!

Happy Birthday…Tara Danielle…

Today is my daughter’s birthday!

Here she is at 6 months:tdb3

And then a couple of years ago when I was in Phoenix visiting…tarame

Happy Birthday, Tara!  Your family loves you very much!!!

Friday Fill-ins 130…

Graphic courtesy of Tonya!

And…here we go!

1. She had a great sense of humor.

2. Killian is by my side, always.

3. I know this: that life is what you make it!  You control your own happiness!

4. The lake waters in Acadia National Park are so still.

5. These words apply to me: For the most part I love my life.

6. I wish  the sun was shining.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing and catching up on some mail (left over from vacation), tomorrow my plans include cleaning house and doing laundry – since I don’t have to drive to Connecticut with my friend to pick up her grandson and Sunday, I want to probably go to church and then spend time working on some quilting or knitting project!

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Maine: Day Three…

Monday, and there was sunshine!  Began the day driving the Park Loop Road to see the sights –  The Park Loop Road has a zillion spots to pull over and take in the view! 


Like this area!acadia15

And tons of rocks to walk on…



And beautiful trails to wander – the top one was between two huge walls of cliffs on each side…it was so pretty and serene.  The bottom one was along one of the beautiful lake areas. 

Sand Beach was the next stop – and it really is a beach in the middle of the park complete with life guards (who happened to be on duty that morning).  They told us that the water temperature right then was about 55 degrees and that by the middle of July it is warm enough to swim comfortably. 


This is the entrance from the parking lot to Sand Beach.  Changing rooms and bathrooms are to the left.


The water is perfectly crystal clear – and you are surrounded by these beautiful woods and cliffs on all sides – I didn’t get a shot of the buoy that lets you know how far is 5 feet deep – but, it is a good ways out in the lake.  There are few places in the park where human contact with the water is allowed. 


Thunder Hole was the next stop – and okay, it wasn’t acting very thundery!  You need to be there at high tide or after a really big rain storm…And, it is my understanding if you are standing out there on that little ledge – you get soaked!  But, still it was a lovely view!!!


This would be Schooner Head – and was it beautiful!  Lots of sand, lots of waves, lots of views of gorgeous cliffs…


Then off to Southwest Harbor!  There was something beautiful about the working harbors…and the small little villages that were there…not to say that these are “poor” towns because they aren’t – but, the are on what is known as the quiet side of the island.  I found a yarn shop in Southwest Harbor…(more on that later).  The shops are cute, restaurants good, and the people are so nice!


This was one of my very favorite spots that we visited.  It is Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.  I think I could have stayed there all day and just sat and looked at the view…

To the left of the lighthouse itself is part of the house…


That is the rest of the house seen when walking down to the lighthouse.  It is actually the residence of a Coast Guard family.  They don’t have much of a yard as you can see – but, the views are incredible…And, they really have to be nice to allow people to wander the path that leads to what is their home.  There was a sign stating that it was a private home – and not to try and peek in the windows or knock on the door!

And the view, you ask –


Take your breath away gorgeous!  The cliffs and the water! 

Hope you enjoyed today’s trip…I’ll continue on Sunday…

Maine: Day Two…

Woke up to rain…and not just a little rain – but a steady, steady rain.  Lucky for me there was an umbrella in the cottage!

Headed out to Acadia National Park!  Began by driving the Park Loop Road.  This is the road that takes you to all the neat places in the park…and has the most incredible views! 

Drove up to the very top – Cadillac Mountain for a ranger led talk on the summit.  They say that if you are at the summit at sunrise – you will be the first person to see the sun hit the United States of America.   How cool is that?  And, no, I did not get up at 4:00 in the morning for a 4:48 sunrise!!!


Looking out from the summit of Cadillac Mountain.  It was amazing – even on a rainy day!  There is hardly any grass or vegetation at the summit – because it is nothing but a huge granite mountain – so one has to be careful not to step on what sparse little plants there are.


Along the summit there were a few markers such as this one explaining how the park was formed a zillion years ago!  It was very interesting to have the park ranger explain all of this.


A beautiful waterfall on the road back from Cadillac Mountain summit.  You can see the granite rocks that form the mountain – it is very pretty…and consists of the orangey colored stone and clear quartz. 

Finished the trip to the park by riding the rest of the road and then headed for Northeast Harbor and dinner – at a place one of the rangers suggested. 




Northeast Harbor still has a working harbor.  Small boats filled the harbor area and there were some lobster traps sitting near the shoreline.  (No lobster in them – darn!)

Ended the evening by eating dinner at The Colonel’s – could not decide what to eat – so, Pat and I split a fish sandwich, a hamburger, and a basket of homemade onion rings! 

Stay tuned for Day Three…

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