Mail Run…

As I mentioned in another post, my buddy, Ann sent me a package.  She’s one of those people who has this power to know when one of her friends needs either cheering up or a kick in the butt to get them going…for me – those two go hand in hand…

So this is what the box looked like when I opened it…


Then we had this:


And, then these goodies:


She really made my day…and she truly is a wonderful friend!

I’ve also received a couple of my prizes that I won during the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway.  I’ll be posting those when the last one arrives.


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  1. Pat
    Jun 06, 2009 @ 15:11:38

    That’s really nice!!! (I’m having trouble telling what those gifties are, though……the pictures won’t enlarge when I click on them… you’ll need to tell me what’s there!)

  2. Stephanie McCane
    Jun 06, 2009 @ 19:55:42

    You get the best mail!

  3. damocamelia
    Jun 06, 2009 @ 22:57:09

    Ho… great goodies I see on that picture !

  4. Musingwoman
    Jun 07, 2009 @ 17:43:00

    How lovely! What would we do without good friends?

  5. Janet
    Jun 07, 2009 @ 20:37:20

    You’re lucky to have such a good friend 🙂

  6. Susan
    Jun 08, 2009 @ 18:41:36

    I’m with Pat…how come I can’t ‘click for biggity’? But what a pretty package! As for Garden Spells, I loved it too. Saw it in the BN window when it first came out. Had no idea what it was about but it said “read me”. As soon as I asked one of the clerks about it she just got all excited as she’d just finished it. And then awhile back, I found it as a recorded book on sale!

  7. Rhonda the StitchingNut
    Jun 09, 2009 @ 14:36:05

    You do seem to be pretty lucky lately. Gifts & prizes … what fun!

  8. Julie
    Jun 11, 2009 @ 11:47:38

    That is one awesome package!

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