Maine: Day Three…

Monday, and there was sunshine!  Began the day driving the Park Loop Road to see the sights –  The Park Loop Road has a zillion spots to pull over and take in the view! 


Like this area!acadia15

And tons of rocks to walk on…



And beautiful trails to wander – the top one was between two huge walls of cliffs on each side…it was so pretty and serene.  The bottom one was along one of the beautiful lake areas. 

Sand Beach was the next stop – and it really is a beach in the middle of the park complete with life guards (who happened to be on duty that morning).  They told us that the water temperature right then was about 55 degrees and that by the middle of July it is warm enough to swim comfortably. 


This is the entrance from the parking lot to Sand Beach.  Changing rooms and bathrooms are to the left.


The water is perfectly crystal clear – and you are surrounded by these beautiful woods and cliffs on all sides – I didn’t get a shot of the buoy that lets you know how far is 5 feet deep – but, it is a good ways out in the lake.  There are few places in the park where human contact with the water is allowed. 


Thunder Hole was the next stop – and okay, it wasn’t acting very thundery!  You need to be there at high tide or after a really big rain storm…And, it is my understanding if you are standing out there on that little ledge – you get soaked!  But, still it was a lovely view!!!


This would be Schooner Head – and was it beautiful!  Lots of sand, lots of waves, lots of views of gorgeous cliffs…


Then off to Southwest Harbor!  There was something beautiful about the working harbors…and the small little villages that were there…not to say that these are “poor” towns because they aren’t – but, the are on what is known as the quiet side of the island.  I found a yarn shop in Southwest Harbor…(more on that later).  The shops are cute, restaurants good, and the people are so nice!


This was one of my very favorite spots that we visited.  It is Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.  I think I could have stayed there all day and just sat and looked at the view…

To the left of the lighthouse itself is part of the house…


That is the rest of the house seen when walking down to the lighthouse.  It is actually the residence of a Coast Guard family.  They don’t have much of a yard as you can see – but, the views are incredible…And, they really have to be nice to allow people to wander the path that leads to what is their home.  There was a sign stating that it was a private home – and not to try and peek in the windows or knock on the door!

And the view, you ask –


Take your breath away gorgeous!  The cliffs and the water! 

Hope you enjoyed today’s trip…I’ll continue on Sunday…


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  1. Stephanie McCane
    Jun 25, 2009 @ 21:04:13

    I’m really enjoying a tour of your trip, Some of these places I haven’t been and it’s neat to see.

  2. Rachel
    Jun 25, 2009 @ 21:04:40

    Beautiful pictures. I love Maine. When I was a teenager, I used to vacation down there with my best friend and her parents. We stayed in Old Orchard Beach. This was before all those condos were built along the waterfront. I have so many good memories!

  3. Pat
    Jun 26, 2009 @ 06:51:32

    I am really enjoying your photos and the narration. This sure seems like it was a very relaxing trip……with such pretty views and lots of natural, uncrowded surroundings.

  4. Pat Wys
    Jun 26, 2009 @ 07:34:44

    I’m enjoying going on vacation with you. The photos and views are magnificent.


  5. Erica
    Jun 28, 2009 @ 20:06:55

    Sara, thanks for sharing your trip. The pictures are beautiful and your descriptions have me considering Arcadia for a getaway next summer!

  6. Sheila
    Jun 29, 2009 @ 01:37:37

    I love Acadia

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