She's Busy…


Killian here,

Mom spent the day back at the grocery store cause she forgot a couple of things – but, I was proud when she only came home with the four items!

Best of all, she bought a brush to brush me…I love it when she brushes me.

She is trying to catch up on e-mail and blog reading…her sinuses have really been bad!  But, I’m making sure I check on her during the night…I touch her nose with my paw and she will wake up and tell me she is okay – and for me to go back to sleep.

She should be back tomorrow…


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  1. Pat
    Jul 11, 2009 @ 19:56:48

    Thanks for the report, Killian. (Maybe her sinuses will feel better if you don’t wake her up during the night…..just a suggestion, buddy……okay? LOL)

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