Quiet Day…

Spent the morning at church and then we had a class after our pot luck dinner.  Dinner was really good today – someone roasted small white potatoes with onions and rosemary…oh, they were so good. 

Had planned to attend the concert – but, stayed for the class instead.  I still could have made it to the concert – but decided to come home and chill instead.  Am in the middle of reading The Sugar Queen and it is so good…thought I would read for a bit…

Have to cut some fabric that a fellow quilt guild member needs – she is looking for purples and needs pieces 6 inches by 22 inches.  For sure, I am the queen of purples here – having two huge totes full – so, I am sharing some with her and getting them ready to take to the guild meeting tomorrow night.

The sky is so pretty – nice white clouds against a pretty blue sky!  Last night we had a great lightening show…it woke me up…but, it was pretty!


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  1. Tammy Edwards
    Jul 12, 2009 @ 17:30:59

    I love the book you are reading, she is a fun new author. If you’re the queen of purple fabric, I must be the queen of anything green. Sounds like you’re having a beatiful day, we are too, hot though and a bit breezy, but it’s summer so I should enjoy the warmth while I can. It sure has taken some of the ache from my hands as I have bad arthritis. I dread the cold season and the ache that will return. Have a beautiful Sunday!! Hugs.

  2. Pat
    Jul 12, 2009 @ 22:02:08

    I am the green queen in this area. My quilting friend, Kaye, LOVES purple. I have very little purple…so at least between you and Kaye, I know who to contact if I need more purple. LOL Tomorrow the 5-year-old granddaughter arrives for her week with us…her “vacation”. It will be fun, but I know I’ll be tired when we take her back home!

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