Maine…Day 5

This was the busy day at Acadia!  Started out at Jordan Pond.   It was a perfect day – beautiful skies and not really hot.


This shot was taken as we began walking the trail – the trail is very, very easy – and goes around the entire late … 3 miles…


Part of the trail is on boards like this – the reason I found out is because the terrain is very delicate there and they don’t want you stomping around on the fragile earth…the rest of the trail is just a graveled path.


The view across the lake toward The Bubbles.  Our carriage driver told us that they were named the Bubbles – because when thinking of a name for them – one fellow said “ay, they remind me of bubbles” when asked he said Bubbles was his girlfriend…(your choice to believe it or not – but, it does make for a good story.)


Then it was off to the Jordan Pond House for lunch – and what a wonderful lunch!  I had a cup of the BEST seafood chowder!  It was awesome…and with that you get two hot fresh from the oven popovers (they bring them one at a time – so that they are really hot) served with butter and wonderful strawberry jam…


Carriage ride time…traveling on the carriage roads that were built by John Rockefeller…beautiful roads and bridges.  You can only access them either on foot or by carriage ride.  We went to the top of Day Mountain – and those horses were beautiful…they are draft horses and they really worked hard…


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  1. Stephanie
    Jul 16, 2009 @ 19:29:47

    I remember Jordan Pond, but I don’t know why we didn’t walk around it. That looks like it would’ve been a nice walk. Maybe next time!

  2. Pat
    Jul 17, 2009 @ 07:46:07

    Absolutely gorgeous scenery there! Thanks for posting the photos.

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