Several people commented on the fact that my nickname was Sally…or as I got older Sallie – and then it was Salli – but it was my nickname…So, how did that happen???  I mean my legal name is Sara Maria…

Let’s start at the beginning…I was born in Philadelphia, PA on a cold, snowy February 6th morning in 1946.  (Yes, I know I am over the big Five-O – the big Six-O, too…). 

My parents decided I should be named after my Mother (Carmen Maria) and my father’s mother, my grandmother (Sara May)…so that was that!  So, how did that become Sally?

My mom tended to have very small children…so, when I came along weighing 3 pounds 1 ounce…of course, I had to stay in the hospital…

Finally, the day came when I weighed six pounds and I could go home…my mom and dad took me home…but, when they would call me by my name – Sara – I didn’t respond…

My mother really was worried that I might be deaf – so, she took me back to the hospital.  Well, all the nurses who had taken care of me – starting holding me and calling me Sally…and there I was responding! 

So, that’s how Sara became Sally…I continued to be called Sally until my grandmother passed away because it was a way to know who we were talking too.  At that time (1978) – I also began a career in magazine journalism – and I wanted my legal name to be my by-line…so, I then went on to be called Sara…

I like Sara – it is a pretty name…

So, if we are ever out and about and someone comes up and calls me Sally – you know they have known me for a long, long time…

So, there you go – that’s the story!!!


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  1. Stephanie
    Jul 25, 2009 @ 19:20:15

    What a great story, I never would’ve guessed it would go as far back as birth.

  2. Terri Schanz
    Jul 25, 2009 @ 22:07:52

    I can sure relate!! My legal name is Mary Teresa, but all my life, my family has called me Terri. In school, I was Teresa. When I got to college, I started using Terri, except that all my medical records and legal stuff are still Mary Teresa, so my driver’s license, credit cards, doctor’s records all say Mary.

    So depending on what someone calls me, you can tell how long I’ve known them. If they call me Terri, they’re either family, or I’ve come to know them as an adult. If they call me Teresa, I went to school with them. And if they call me Mary, it’s a business relationship.

    It’s gotten to the point that if someone asks me my name, I hesitate before answering!!

  3. Janet
    Jul 26, 2009 @ 14:16:16

    I went to high school with a Sarah who was called Sally. Never knew her story though! I love both names (and Sara Maria too!)

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