Fiber Revival Photos…

Fiber Revival is held at the Spence Peirce Little Farm in Newbury, Massachusetts!  It was my first year there but it will not be my last.  Wonderful event!!!

There were friends:


Dianna and I checking out the gorgeous alpaca roving…


Heather and Dianna discussing which yarn to buy for a baby sweater.  Heather has awesome yarns…you can visit her here!


My buddy, Cheryl who is expecting Eloise in about 4-5 weeks!  I’m here to tell you that Eloise will be the best dressed little girl!  Cheryl is a beautiful knitter as well as a spinner.  Should have taken a shot of the lovely green sweater she was knitting on yesterday (for Eloise, of course)


My friend, Julie (in the red) and the contingency from York, Maine – who names all escape me now!!!  We had the best time sitting around laughing, knitting, spinning and just sharing the afternoon.

Updated:  L to R – Sharon, Carol and Patti – and, of course, Julie…

Then there were alpacas…


Check out the cute white toes on the little one!!!


These are all pet quality alpacas…daddies got loose and they are not sure who belongs to who – so they can’t be registered…


And my personal little favorite – she is either 2 or 3 months old…

Then there was learning:


That would be me working on a loom…not just any loom – but exactly the same type of loom that I own and have never used.  But, I learned yesterday that I could be very happy as a weaver…there was this sense of relaxation and peace that came over me as I practiced.  Dianna told Julie that she “could see the tension just leave my body when I was working on the loom.”  I will be taking classes on how to use my loom!!!

And, finally there was music and a beautiful farm house…


I am already looking forward to next year!!!!!