Ten On Tuesday…

Ten Favorite Athletes

1)  Tiger Woods –  Golf

2)  Apolo Anton Ohno –  Speedskating

3)  Julie Inkster – Golf

4)  Tom Brady – Football

5)  Kerri Walsh & Misty May-Treanor – Beach Volleyball

6)  Edyta Sliwinska – Dance

7)  Louie Vito –  Snowboarder

8)  Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Dance

9)  Bode Miller – Skiing

10) David Ortiz – Baseball

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The Simple Woman's Daybook…


FOR TODAY …  September 28, 2009

  Outside my window… the sky is dark – and it has been raining all day long.  Not a heavy rain – just drizzling.  But the skies have been gray and now night is falling.

I am thinking… about what this week is going to bring.  I have a lot of things I want to accomplish – and need to get organized in order to get it done.

I am thankful for… a doctor who cares about my well-being!

From the learning rooms… I am learning to relax more and enjoy my days.

From the kitchen… Have been eating much better this week and I am most proud of myself.

I am wearing… a white tee-shirt, black and white plaid shorts, and white socks.

I am creating… some new washclothes!

I am going… to the weaving shop tomorrow to finish up my warping threads.  And, we are going to work with threading my loom.

I am reading… The Secret  by Rhonda Byrne.  A friend of mine recommended it.  She said it changed her life. 

I am hoping… that my daughter’s  chest x-ray comes back clear…and that the side effects from one of the meds will go away in the next week.  She is really on her way to recovering from that bout with pneumonia.  It’s been a rough month or so with that!

I am hearing… the theme song to Jeopardy…one of my favorite shows.

Around the house… I have bags of clothes ready to go to the thrift store and about six boxes of books going to the library for their next sale.

One of my favorite things… actually is ironing my washed fabric that I use for quilting.  I always wash it by hand to make sure it doesn’t run and then dry it in the dryer.  Then I iron each piece.  My friends tease me and say it is my therapy!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Have a few friends over for dinner, go to the weaving and knit shop, take a ride to Ludlow to see the changing leaves, and knitting and quilting…

Here is picture for thought I am sharing:

salmon dinner
Baked Salmon with butter and dill and Roasted Root Veggies (potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, onions, and some garlic)

Please note that I am using my good china – isn’t it pretty?

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My Corner of the World…

Yesterday was a fun and busy day – went to the Open House at the Quilt Shop!  And, then headed for Saint Gaudens.  I took a ton of photos and will feature the Saint Gaudens tour next Sunday…

After I got home and realized that my pork chop had not thawed out…I was stuck for what to do for dinner!  But, the problem got solved when I decided to head over to Windsor, Vermont.

My friends, Chris and Mike‘s family own a wonderful pub in Windsor called The Windsor Station.  Mike was working and a little while later Chris and a family friend arrived.  Chris had Lars with her!  (You met both Chris and Lars on the Baby Shower post!) 

I had a most wonderful dinner – New York Strip Steak cooked medium with some really good homecut french fries and the veggies of the day (snap peas, squash and zucchini).  For dessert I had Creme Brulee…it was so good!!!   It’s a great place to eat!!!  The beef is local grown and you can tell – it is so tender and has great flavor.

And, I spent time with friends.  I even got to hold Lars!  And, he smiled at me!  No, honest – a real smile.  I was holding him up on my shoulder and he was just making all these sweet little noises like he was talking to me.  He is starting to show a little bit of his personality at 12 weeks!

Their family (Chris’ brothers) and Chris and Mike are really involved in the small business world of Windsor.  They own a catering company, The Mercantile, and The Snapdragon Inn and another business or two.

The Snapdragon Inn is going to be awesome.  The entire family is working on this beauitiful old house and restoring it into a fabulous Inn.  Do check out the website if you are interesting in seeing how an old house is being so lovingly restored…and for the most part they are doing all the physical labor and designing it themselves.

So, that’s my corner of world – with great friends and great places to go!

A New Friend…

This last month I made a new friend.  Her name is Barbara and she lives in England.  She doesn’t have a blog – but, we met on Ravelry in the dishcloth swap…

And, I received the nicest package from her yesterday…Wanna see?


Isn’t this a beautiful dishcloth?  The swap says that we are to send a dishcloth and a post card from where we live…she also included Chocolate!!!  You know I am a happy camper!

Here is a close up of the dishcloth – it is the prettiest blue!  And very, very soft!


Want to hear something funny – I almost picked the same pattern for her!  Thank you so much, Barbara…See you on Ravelry and Facebook!!!

Friday Fill-ins #143…

Graphic courtesy of Tonya!

And…here we go!

1. One week ago I went shopping at Farm-Way Inc and bought a gorgeous sweater and a red shirt.  The went to the Farmer’s Market, the Quilt Show at Billings Farm, VINS, and out to dinner.  It was a fun day.

2. I used to read in bed – and I would pull the sheets up over my head and have a flashlight – when I was young.  My grandmother always caught me.

3. Mama told me to always treat people the same – no matter if they were rich or dirt poor…I’ve lived by that.

4. We have been friends for a long time, you and me.

5. Take your time and enjoy life and the beauty around you.  Sometimes it is better to take the back roads than the fast lane.

6. Most of life’s disappointments will pass!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching a little tv and reading, tomorrow my plans include going to the quilt shop Open House and to St. Gaudens National Historic Site to see the Sculptural Visions exhibit and Sunday, I want to stay at home and do some sewing and reading (if it rains)  or go take a nice ride in the country and see the gorgeous leaves changing colors (if it doesn’t rain)!


And, it isn’t even Halloween yet…

I won a giveaway at The Quilted Nest and Robin sent it to me…


68 Pre-cut 6-inch squares of lovely flannel – just perfect for a sweet baby quilt!  And, since the cutting is all done – it will be an easier project to finish.  Thanks a bunch, Robin.

My insurance agent sent me a gift certificate to Amazon – It was a thank you for taking the time to answer some questions…and I treated myself to this:


Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives: An All-American Road Trip by Guy Fieri. 

Now everyone that knows me – knows I love Diners!  Oh, yeah… Drive-ins are harder to find – but, I can always pick out a dive!  And, they always have the best food!  There is even the recipe for American Chop Suey from The Red Arrow  Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Besides that – I just love watching Guy on Food TV – He also does a show called Guy’s Big Bite along with the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives show.

My other treat to myself was this: 

Weaving Made Easy by Liz Gipson – Since I am learning how to weave this was the perfect book for me…and I am most excited about reading it…and making some of the beautiful patterns!

Wednesday Bullets…

Lots happening the last few days so thought I’d give you the revised version:

*  Yesterday was run to the library, bookstore, and grocery store.  Picked up cat litter and some groceries.

* What’s up with this “can’t stop eating Clementines” – last night I ate four of them while watching TV…

*  Looking forward to Modern Family tonight.

*  Watched the season opener of “the forgotten” and I really liked it.

*  Dancing with the Stars continues to amaze me – I was stunned at the performance of Kelly Osborne.  She really surprised everyone!

*  Found my favorite treat at the grocery – Market Central Slow Roasted Pecans.  It’s a good thing I can’t buy them by the case – cause they just seem to disappear rather quickly…

See ya tomorrow…

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