Ten on Tuesday…

’10 Things You Hate About Traveling’

Actually, I love to travel!  What I don’t like is flying!  So, here is my list of what I hate about flying:

1)  The fact that my family or friends are no longer allowed to go to the gate with me!  It really ticks me off – mainly because I am a very nervous flyer and I appreciate having my loved ones with me until the last minute.

2)  No meals on airplanes anymore!

3)  The price of a drink!

4)  The long lines at check-in!

5)  Luggage being lost.

6)  The rudeness of the people that are supposed to be keeping us safe!

7)  Cancelled flights

8)  Concourse restaurants – they just don’t seem to care!

9)  Tiny bathrooms!

10) Expensive airfares!

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