Ten on Tuesday…

’10 Bad Habits You Can’t Break’

1)  Procrastination

2)  Not Eating Well – skipping meals

3)  Saying the “F” word

4)  Biting my nails (if I go get a manicure and get my nails painted – then I leave them alone)

5)  Not folding my laundry right away – especially if it is towels.  The clothes I fold right away!  go figure!

6)  Not washing my dishes immediately after a meal

7) Not answering mail quickly

8) Forgetting my cell phone – I am really bad about leaving it at home or on vibrate when I am at home.

9)  Don’t keep family records and bills filed or up to date.

10)  Oh, and did I mention procrastination!

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Daughter is still in the hospital.  They established last night that she has pneumonia in both lungs.  She hasn’t seen the doctor today – but, she did sound better when I talked to her a few minutes ago.