Somehow Saturday went by way too quickly!  And, before I realized it – I was ready for bed and hadn’t even looked at the computer…

Some quilting friends of mine, Sue and Penny, decided to go to a fabric sale – we had been waiting a month for this fabric sale…not to mention that it was about an hour away…so, we were up early and on the road.  Guess what – the was so little fabric that it was for sure a wasted trip!

I did manage to get a 15×15  Omnigrid ruler for $1.00…but there was just no fabric – all magazines!

From there we drove to Grantham, NH to the quilt shop there – I didn’t buy much there – a quarter yard of some fabric that caught my eye and a pattern for pillowcases…I know I shouldn’t have – but, it had the measurements for either a travel pillow or child’s pillow and the adult one – so everything is there in one place.

From there we headed over to a gift shop that I heard was going out of business – Everything was 75% off – found a few little things for quick gifts, some cards, a sweatshirt, and some candle items…my bill was $74.47 and I paid $18.62!

Then we were off to St. Mary’s Annual Yard Sale – we arrived just in time for half – price sale time!  I was looking for a pretty dish to serve Killian’s food in…I found one that I thought would work for 50 cents — but, I kept looking at it and I realized that his whiskers would hit it funny and he wouldn’t like it…one of the men who was working the sale heard me say something to Sue about it.  A few minutes later he came over and had a set of three dishes that were much wider and said that he had heard me say something about my cat and thought these would work better.  So, I ended up with 3 crystal dishes for 25 cents; an oil lamp for 50 cents and two vases for 25 cents!

It was a great day!!! 

Today, I am just chillin’ and putting things back in my closet as they fixed the bar that had fallen!  I am trying on every piece of clothing before it goes back into the closet – so, it will take me a few days to get through everything.  And, if it doesn’t fit – it will be GONE!  Depending on what shape it is in – it will either become a rag (tee-shirts); get thrown out; go to the thrift store that is run by the Women’s Supportive Services; or if it has a lot of life left and can be worn to work – it will go to the shop that furnishes women with free professional looking clothing so they can go back into the work force.