The Simple Woman's Daybook…


FOR TODAY… September 14, 2009

Outside my window… a mixture of blue skies and what look like rain clouds…According to my Yahoo toolbar the temperature outside is 70 which is comfortable.

I am thinking… that I am relieved that my daughter, Tara, went home from the hospital and hopefully she will be regaining her strength!  I do worry about her asthma – she never had it as a child and when she moved to Arizona she got Adult-On-Set Asthma!

I am thankful for… good doctors who cared for her; for good friends who kept my spirits up and held her in their thoughts; and for our talks while she was in the hospital.

From the learning rooms… The lessons on learning about my loom are going to be awesome.  Had the first one on Thursday – and found out my loom is missing a piece – but, we are going to get that.  Learned how to figure out my warp threads…and that I need to buy some Danish Oil to bring the Cherry Wood back to life…

From the kitchen… fresh, hot, Cuban toast on real Cuban bread that just arrived via Scarlett from Florida.  She was there at a conference – and brought me back “REAL” Cuban bread!  I am so excited…

I am wearing… a white tee-shirt that I won from the Oldies station here, red flannel pants with golfers on them; and white socks!  I match – the golfers are white on the red flannel pants!

I am creating… a wonderful environment in which to live and be happy…it is a slow process – but it is happening!

I am going… to relax for the next few days as the car needs to be checked out…have been hearing a weird noise – and I think it is a really bad tire – but, they can’t get to it until Wednesday!  So, can’t go too far!!!

I am reading… 13 Bullets by David Wellington…I’m on Chapter 6 and so far it is pretty good.  At least, I am enjoying it.

I am hoping… that my friends, the Savages, have a safe trip to their new home in Utah…and that Blaine does well at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  I know he is happy that he is closer to his family who all live in Utah…but, I will miss his wonderful spirit and his and Marleigh’s friendship.

I am hearing…  the voice of Ina Garten as she makes something that looks absolutely delicious.  Monday’s seem to be the days that I watch Food TV a lot – as there isn’t much on the Network Channels.

Around the house… the closet bar is back up…my clothes are hanging in what was Mother’s closet…and I am re-arranging my closet – and putting back only the clothes that actually fit me…the rest are gone.  Also want to arrange my sheets, pillowcases, and blankets on the shelf as there is no room in my linen closet next to the bathroom.

One of my favorite things… the Strawberry shortcake I have been eating every night before bed…oh, it is so good!

A few plans for the rest of the week: going to put some Danish Oil on my loom; finishing the warp threads for the loom, mailing some packages that need to be gone, and create a menu for next week…

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…


 Zac in his favorite spot in the garden…at Scarlett’s house…

Photo was taken by Elizabeth at Open Air Photography

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