Ten On Tuesday…

10 Things You Think are Cool

1)  Yarn and fabric – which technically means knitting, weaving, and quilting.  After all that is how I spend a lot of my time – so it is for sure cool.

2)  Oldies – I love the oldies and listen to an oldies radio station all the time…Someone just asked what my favorite song is right now – and I don’t know anything current…

3)  Convertibles – Oh, yeah…I love convertibles – but, they just are not practical unless you have a garage! 

4)  National and State Parks – just love seeing the beauty that has been preserved for us!

5)  Books – there is NOTHING that can beat holding a book and getting involved in a marvelous story.

6)  Food TV – Love to watch and see all the different things that the chefs come up with – and learn how to do it myself.

7)  Four distinct seasons – it makes me happy to see each season come into it’s own…they each have such a special meaning for me.

8)  “Stumble” – It is such fun to hit that “stumble” button – and see where my computer takes me…and what I can see or learn from it.

9)  Driving back roads – I hate the Interstate!  And, I am always looking for back roads to get whereever I am wanting to go…it is just so much more fun – and you get to see so much more!!!

10)  Killian – my cat!  Yep, he is cool…he loves me and he keeps me company…he is funny!  And, he thinks he is taking care of me!

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