What A Mess…

Woke up Friday morning to discover that my computer had automatically updated something – that hated my startup…

And, guess who’s computer crashed!  Moi! 

I was really ticked – it wasn’t a virus, or anything like that – but something from an automatic update…Guess who isn’t going to do automatic updates anymore!

Tried to fix it – no go – – called Dell — explained what was happening.   They tried to fix it – no go.  Finally the guy told me that I would probably need to take it to “out of the box” but if there was anything that I wanted to save I needed to that first.

Finally saved my photos and my files from Office…and I was exhausted.  It was close to 1:30 in the morning…and I had to be up early!

Saturday evening after returning home from “playing” – I called Dell back at 9:30 p.m. – they were AWESOME…and within an hour my computer was back up…I was tired and went to bed – only to not fall asleep until 2:00 am.

Of course, I had to load my programs – and I did  that today…but, I gotta tell you it’s been a pain!

But, damn, it’s fast again!!!!