My Corner of the World…

Yesterday was a fun and busy day – went to the Open House at the Quilt Shop!  And, then headed for Saint Gaudens.  I took a ton of photos and will feature the Saint Gaudens tour next Sunday…

After I got home and realized that my pork chop had not thawed out…I was stuck for what to do for dinner!  But, the problem got solved when I decided to head over to Windsor, Vermont.

My friends, Chris and Mike‘s family own a wonderful pub in Windsor called The Windsor Station.  Mike was working and a little while later Chris and a family friend arrived.  Chris had Lars with her!  (You met both Chris and Lars on the Baby Shower post!) 

I had a most wonderful dinner – New York Strip Steak cooked medium with some really good homecut french fries and the veggies of the day (snap peas, squash and zucchini).  For dessert I had Creme Brulee…it was so good!!!   It’s a great place to eat!!!  The beef is local grown and you can tell – it is so tender and has great flavor.

And, I spent time with friends.  I even got to hold Lars!  And, he smiled at me!  No, honest – a real smile.  I was holding him up on my shoulder and he was just making all these sweet little noises like he was talking to me.  He is starting to show a little bit of his personality at 12 weeks!

Their family (Chris’ brothers) and Chris and Mike are really involved in the small business world of Windsor.  They own a catering company, The Mercantile, and The Snapdragon Inn and another business or two.

The Snapdragon Inn is going to be awesome.  The entire family is working on this beauitiful old house and restoring it into a fabulous Inn.  Do check out the website if you are interesting in seeing how an old house is being so lovingly restored…and for the most part they are doing all the physical labor and designing it themselves.

So, that’s my corner of world – with great friends and great places to go!


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  1. Rachel
    Sep 27, 2009 @ 16:43:33

    The Snapdragon Inn is such a beautiful building. It’s going to be gorgeous when they get it all done. I love the red dining room! Thanks for sharing that link, Sara.

  2. Pat
    Sep 27, 2009 @ 18:59:33

    What…no photo of little Lars???? Seems like that family is a really special one. I’m glad you had a nice dinner there. Is that far from your town?

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