My Corner of the World…

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site is right down the road from me in Cornish, New Hampshire (well, when you live in New England – everything seems to be right down the road)!

On September 26th they had a special show called Sculptural Visions – Clay, Wood, Stone, Metal.

The Allee at Saint-Gaudens was open to local artists who came to show their skill and talent.  It was a wonderful day!  The sun was bright…and I got to meet a great number of very talented people.  I hope you enjoy meeting them and seeing their work through my eyes.


Periodically throughout the afternoon, Antoinette Jacobson would use a blow torch to create music on her Fire Organ sculpture.  It had the most amazing sound and could be heard over the entire allee.



Mark Goodenough works with steel…his creative owls were what really drew me to his tent.  As I looked through his book, I stumbled upon a photo of a store sign he had made for a florist in Keene, New Hampshire.  I was so impressed with the details in his work in that sign…as well as several other store signs that he has made for other stores in that area.



Never in my life have I seen a sculptor at work…so, you can imagine how fun it was to watch William J. Willams at work.  His model sat very still – I don’t think I could ever do that…watched him for quite a while.



Is that owl not gorgeous!  William J. Schnute  is a wood carver.  It was really fun to watch him work with his tools and the piece of wood.  He had several pieces there to see – including an eagle – but, my photos didn’t turn out due to the way the sun was.



Alan Colby does sculpture in both granite and limestone.  He was demonstrating how to carve portrait caricatures from limestone.  It was rather fun to watch him.



Creating a view of part of the garden in clay was Susan Reilly. The work was so tiny – it was amazing.  I was really taken by how much detail there was to her work and how remarkably accurate that particular view of the garden was.  (I meant to take a photo of what she was looking at)


My day ended by stopping at the Song Garden where I played among the flowers and picked a bouquet…(which has last until today).  It was a fun day…