Looking for Sunshine…

Ahh…”dark and dreary” – how many times have I written that this year?  But, today is yet another day of dark skies – but not dark moods!

Yesterday was gray too – but, I managed to run my errands – post office, library, book store (just looking – didn’t buy anything), and quilt shop to pick up my Buck-A-Block for October. 

Then I decided to run over to Cornish Bingo – and spend the evening with a few friends from quilting.  Didn’t win – but, had a really good supper there.  Beef Stew and it was good!

The next few days (until Tuesday) are going to be busy ones…Am energized and want to finish my Fall cleaning!

Gotta run – need to get Killian into in crate so he can go get his nails cut!  Our appointment is at 5:30.  (And, yes – it will take me close to an hour to catch him and get him into the crate! )