The Simple Woman's Daybook…


FOR TODAY… August 12, 2009

Outside my window… It is dark.  And, it is getting colder in New Hampshire.  There is supposed to be snow in areas – but, I don’t think any near me.

I am thinking… that fall this year is beautiful – the red are so red and the yellows so very vibrant.

I am thankful for… that I paid attention to my body today and went to the Emergency Room – at least, I know it is a kidney stone and not that my insides are falling out…which what the pain felt like.

From the learning rooms… am learning that it is just as easy to be positive  as it is to be negative – so, I am enjoying being positive about my life.

From the kitchen… looking forward to a few friends who said they would be furnishing some food for the next day or so.

I am wearing… black sweat pants and a gray sweat shirt.  No socks – no shoes.

I am creating… the quilt top for my guild’s Heart to Hand donation quilt.  It is going to be pretty.

I am going…  to take all seven days worth of this medication!  And, stay home where I am comfortable (besides I can’t drive! – while on these meds)

I am reading… Vampire Zero, the 3rd in the series by David Wellington.

I am hoping… that Scarlett and Elizabeth have a safe trip to and from Tennessee when they go this week-end to pick up Scarlett’s mother’s things.

I am hearing… the Eleven O’Clock news in the background.

Around the house… Fall cleaning continues!  Have six boxes of books ready to donate to the Public Library.

One of my favorite things… growing up was doing embroidery.  Suddenly, I am finding that I like it again.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Work on guild’s quilt; finish the book I am currently reading as well as the fourth one in the series; rest and take my medicine.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…


Maybe this will be how well I sleep tonight!

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