Ten on Tuesday…

Since I’m trying to bring more positive things into my life – I was a little disappointed when the Ten on Tuesday was another negative.  But, my friend, Carole, said I could join up with her idea…so, here goes:

10 Things You Love About Fiber Festivals

1)  Friends – it is always the place where you get to see your friends from all over the area.  We always seem to find each other at these great fiber festivals.

2)  Vendors – there are always great vendors…and some are even your friends…so, that really works well.

3)  Sheep, Alpacas, Llamas, Goats, Dogs, and rabbits – All sweet little things who love to be petted, talked to, and just made a fuss over.

4)  Finished projects – this is where you get the fashion show!  It is the place to show off what you knit, spun, or felted since the last festival!

5)  Food – Good food – usually.  I love the apple crisp at New Hampshire Sheep and Wool…it is so good … warm with vanilla ice cream.

6)  Yarn – lots and lots of yarns!  Colors that catch your eye all the way across the fair grounds.

7)  Trip to a different place – So far, I have been to NH S&W and the Vermont Sheep and Wool.   Rhinebeck was on the list for this year – but, not happening…maybe next year…But, it is such fun to see different areas – and drive through some beautiful country.

8)  Classes and demos – You can learn so much from other people – and it is a fun way to learn.

9)  Relaxing – I get to relax and visit with folks and it becomes a day of total relaxation.

10)  Oh, and did I mention – Seeing Friends!  That’s what make them the best!