Why Weaving…

My friend, Dave said: “Those are two words I never would have thought I’d head from you: I’m Weaving! ”

But, to tell the truth I have been enamoured of weaving since I lived in Tennessee.  Each year we (Scarlett, Mike, Carl, and I) would be part of a craft festival at this old farm.  Scarlett and I had herbal items, handmade soaps, and small knitted and quilted items.  Mike and Carl used to sell beautiful handmade jewelry.

Each year I would wander around and see the other vendors – and I always spent a ton of time with the weavers…it was just amazing to watch them…and the end products were usually place mats, kitchen towels, and beautiful scarves.

A loom was just not in the budget – so, I sort of let the idea that I might weave just go to the back of my mind.  In between time – Mike decided that he wanted to weave and went all out and got several looms and then made beautiful handbags and shawls that were woven.

After we had been in Tennessee for five years – Mike passed away.  He left me his loom…and in the beginning – I could not bring myself to use it.  We have been here five years and still the loom sat alone and unused.

Fiber Festival in Newbury, MA brought me to the realization that I wanted to weave…I tried a loom that was similar to mine … and immediately felt at home with it…so, I came home and cleaned off the loom…and found classes close to me.  And, now I am weaving.

Some people have asked about the scarf I am making – it is a light gray yarn – (cotton, silk, and rayon)…I will be weaving about three inches of that – then I am going to add some fun yarn in blues, grays, and purples for about three inches  – and finish off the scarf in the light gray yarn.

I really wanted to start with dish towels – that is what I really want to weave – table accessories and dish towels – but, she thought I should start with a project like this scarf.., so that is what I am doing!