Ten on Tuesday On Wednesday…

Ten Things That Have Changed Since I Moved to New Hampshire

1)  I eat better food!  Actually, I eat veggies!  I think it is because I cook more roasted root veggies and other veggies fixed in the oven.  It was always too hot in Florida to use the oven all the time.

2)  I do not go to Fast food restaurants.  No Wendys, McDonalds, Taco Bell, or Kentucky Fried Chicken!   I prefer to spend that $5.00 at a local restaurant.

3)  Am learning to appreciate our country’s history – because so much of it is around me.  Cities that are rich in history are close enough that one can drive to them – or get there by bus or train.

4)  I enjoy the seasons!  We only had hot and hotter-than-hell in Tampa!   So, it is wonderful to experience Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter! 

5)  I use wool and other natural fibers to knit with.  When I took up knitting in Florida when I was in my 20s – all we had were synthetic yarns.

6)  I buy local more often…mainly because I don’t live near malls, and have never been a big mall shopper,  and am not a big internet shopper…so, I shop with local vendors and farmers markets (which we didn’t have any of in Tampa)

7)  On the downside – I got asthma.  I did not have asthma in Florida – but, I developed it here.  But, I am learning to control it and live with it. 

7a) and I am single again.

8)  I use my library more – I have always used the library to check out books – but, here I do a lot more than just check out books!  I attend lectures and workshops as well as rent movies and books.

9)  I use the interstate.  You would never have caught me on the interstate in Tampa.  It was awful!  Too crowded!  Now I think nothing of jumping on I-91 or I-89 and heading off. I drive around the New England States that are close to me – New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine because they are easy to get to.  When I lived in Florida – it would take me seven hours to just get to the Florida/Georgia border!

10)  I’ve learned to appreciate a simpler life – one where there is lots of land and farm animals to see; places to pick one’s own fruit (blueberries and apples come to mind); and lots of paths and roads to explore.