Music on the Square

35-1/2″ x 35 – 1/2″

Machine pieced and hand quilted

Thought I would share another of my quilts with you.  This quilt was made when I lived in Tennessee.  It was made for a special show:

East Tennessee State University – Reece Museum’s Second Quilt Competition

“Mountain Messages II – Stories and Songs”

July 22 – September 12, 2004

Quilt Statement:

“My quilt, “Music on the Square” is reflective of the dreams we had when we moved to East Tennessee of a simpler life where people gathered on the town square to enjoy stories and songs.  It represents a time of peace and tranquility in our family’s life.”


Edited by Sara:

Re: the hand quilting:

The squares (little ones) were quilted in the ditch…where the music is – I followed the line of the music- so it is sort of wavy… 

The border – I used a stencil – that had a very  beautiful design – which is TOTALLY LOST – because of the pattern in the fabric…

I also quilted it with a lovely silk thread – which I will not do again – because it is not heavy enough…