This has been a year of reading for me…and this week-end doesn’t seem to be any different.

Picked up Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol at the library.  The reserve list is huge – over 100 people – and the library has three copies.  I put myself on the list before the book even came out and I had to wait until now.  So, it is going to be started tonight.

Just finished reading The Virgin Suicidesby Jeffrey Eugenides.  Okay, I have to tell you, I’m not sure what all the hype about this guy is.  There was little to no dialogue in the book…which at times made the book so damn boring!   And, at 243 pages that can get old quick! 

But, in defense of the book – the story line was mesmerizing!  And the ending blew me away…go figure!  Would I read more of his stuff?  Don’t know – although I do have his second book Middlesex and it is 529 pages…

Also, in the last month I read four novels about vampires by David Wellington.  Yes, I know…all the kids are reading vampires lately. 

But, I gotta tell you – these aren’t your teen fiction vampires – not the handsome, sweet, loving vampires that are being written about for the 12 – whatever age.  These vampires were gross and very different…and the books were interesting.  And, they didn’t give me nightmares – even though in places they were rather graphic.

So, what have you been reading???