Friday Fill-ins #147…


1. The crickets sing, their song familiar no matter where you live.

2. You are always in my thoughts wherever you are.

3. I want to get far away from the maddening crowds…oh, wait, I did that – I moved to New Hampshire!

4. The apartment was totally modern and overlooked the streets of Paris; this was a dream.

5. But as for me, I will be happy and enjoy my life…and live it to the fullest.

6. Good stock as my grandmother would say is who I come from.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing and either reading or knitting and watching TV, tomorrow my plans include staying in and doing laundry and quilting as it is supposed to rain all day and Sunday, I want to maybe go to church or just stay home and relax!

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Music on the Square

35-1/2″ x 35 – 1/2″

Machine pieced and hand quilted

Thought I would share another of my quilts with you.  This quilt was made when I lived in Tennessee.  It was made for a special show:

East Tennessee State University – Reece Museum’s Second Quilt Competition

“Mountain Messages II – Stories and Songs”

July 22 – September 12, 2004

Quilt Statement:

“My quilt, “Music on the Square” is reflective of the dreams we had when we moved to East Tennessee of a simpler life where people gathered on the town square to enjoy stories and songs.  It represents a time of peace and tranquility in our family’s life.”


Edited by Sara:

Re: the hand quilting:

The squares (little ones) were quilted in the ditch…where the music is – I followed the line of the music- so it is sort of wavy… 

The border – I used a stencil – that had a very  beautiful design – which is TOTALLY LOST – because of the pattern in the fabric…

I also quilted it with a lovely silk thread – which I will not do again – because it is not heavy enough…

Ten on Tuesday On Wednesday…

Ten Things That Have Changed Since I Moved to New Hampshire

1)  I eat better food!  Actually, I eat veggies!  I think it is because I cook more roasted root veggies and other veggies fixed in the oven.  It was always too hot in Florida to use the oven all the time.

2)  I do not go to Fast food restaurants.  No Wendys, McDonalds, Taco Bell, or Kentucky Fried Chicken!   I prefer to spend that $5.00 at a local restaurant.

3)  Am learning to appreciate our country’s history – because so much of it is around me.  Cities that are rich in history are close enough that one can drive to them – or get there by bus or train.

4)  I enjoy the seasons!  We only had hot and hotter-than-hell in Tampa!   So, it is wonderful to experience Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter! 

5)  I use wool and other natural fibers to knit with.  When I took up knitting in Florida when I was in my 20s – all we had were synthetic yarns.

6)  I buy local more often…mainly because I don’t live near malls, and have never been a big mall shopper,  and am not a big internet shopper…so, I shop with local vendors and farmers markets (which we didn’t have any of in Tampa)

7)  On the downside – I got asthma.  I did not have asthma in Florida – but, I developed it here.  But, I am learning to control it and live with it. 

7a) and I am single again.

8)  I use my library more – I have always used the library to check out books – but, here I do a lot more than just check out books!  I attend lectures and workshops as well as rent movies and books.

9)  I use the interstate.  You would never have caught me on the interstate in Tampa.  It was awful!  Too crowded!  Now I think nothing of jumping on I-91 or I-89 and heading off. I drive around the New England States that are close to me – New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine because they are easy to get to.  When I lived in Florida – it would take me seven hours to just get to the Florida/Georgia border!

10)  I’ve learned to appreciate a simpler life – one where there is lots of land and farm animals to see; places to pick one’s own fruit (blueberries and apples come to mind); and lots of paths and roads to explore.

Getting to Know You…

Thoughts from an Evil Overlord

I belong to New England Bloggers.  There are 109 bloggers who have joined up with Elizabeth…there are no obligations – but, it does put us in touch with each other easier.

We are doing a little mixer…where we are visiting 5 to 10 blogs – and telling you about them…

I had no idea how to pick – so, I went to the randon number generator and told it to pick ten numbers for me…so, here we go…

#95 – This blog belongs to Tawna aka NH Mommy.  She has a cute little boy named Colton and is expecting her second baby (another boy) in February.  Maybe the new baby will come on my birthday – February 6th.

#59 – This blog belongs to Jenny.  She had an adorable dog named Oliver – who is a ham and requires lots of attention…and a cat named Pyro.  She loves to find good bargains…

#26 – This blog is Dolls and Thingz – and a painter lives there.  Right now she has some beautiful photos of New England…

#72 – This blog would belong to Colleen!  And, you know how big a foodie I am – well, so is she!  She has some really good recipes on her blog for foods found at local farmers’ markets!  There is also an adorable pug – and two really cute rabbits…I think she has cats too – but, I didn’t see their photos.

#42 – This blog is called kitties, kitties, kitties.  It features Chloe, Eddie and Wally…and they are very beautiful kitties.  As a matter of fact – Wally looks a bit like Killian…

#103 – This blog belongs to Tina.  And, guess what – she reviews books!  Could I have found another blogger that has my same interests any better than Tina.  I mean – you know how much I love to read!!!

#17 – This blog belongs to  Mibsy and she has a ton of beautiful photos of her area of New England.  Right now she has photos from last year’s fall – this year the colors didn’t seem to meaure up…

#40 – This blog belongs to Flip-Flop Mom and she is a reader too…she also takes some really neat photos…and has a super cute dog!!!

#80 – This blog belongs to Mountain Woman.  She lives in Vermont with Mountain Man, 7 dogs and 1 mare…her photos and outlook on life in Vermont is truly wonderful…

#21 – This blog belongs to Rebecca.  She lives in Connecticut and her blog shares places where she lives and travels.  You know me – I am an armchair traveler when not behind the wheel of my car heading out in search of something new and fun.  So, I was pleased to see her blog.

There you go – ten blogs – ten people I had never met before – and maybe a new blog for you and a chance for you to become friends with someone new! 

The Simple Woman's Daybook…


FOR TODAY…  October 19, 2009

Outside my window… the sun is setting.  Yes, I am late today…but, I was taking care of things around the house.

I am thinking… that winter is coming … yet, this week the days look like they will be sunny and pretty.  Still want a little fall … before the snow falls.

I am thankful for… medicine that helps me get better.  I will be finished with it on Wednesday and have a doctor’s appointment to make sure all is good.

From the learning rooms… how to weave and all the things that one needs to know about getting a loom set up.  No one told me there would be so much MATH…at least it is the simple stuff like addition, multiplication, and division.

From the kitchen… the menu for the week – (I found if I don’t make a menu – I don’t eat as well!)

Tonight – chicken caesar salad

Tuesday – baked steelhead trout with roasted veggies (asparagus, broccoli, and brussel sprouts).

Wednesday – fried pork chops with any left over veggies and mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.

Thursday – Caesar Salad

Friday – Baked Chicken with baked potatoes

Saturday – leftovers (if there are any) if not maybe Chinese

Sunday – maybe dinner with friends.

I am wearing… a blue sweat suit…and black socks.

I am creating… a dozen 9-patch blocks

I am going… to a quilt group meeting tomorrow night.

I am reading… 23 Hours the last of the vampire books by David Wellington.

I am hoping… that I have a clean bill of health when I see the doctor on Wednesday.

I am hearing… the evening news in the background. 

Around the house… everything is done – except the vacuuming.  I don’t have the strength to push my heavy vacuum around.

One of my favorite things… ironing my quilting fabric _ hey, it is therapy for me…

A few plans for the rest of the week: going to see Mother on Wednesday, participate in a family group put on at the nursing home, go to doctor.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…


The table is set for my visit at a friend’s house. 

(We are planning on my spending a vacation there with her next September.)

You can participate or read more daybooks here!

My Corner of the World…

Billings Farm and Museum is located in Woodstock, Vermont. It is a working farm and museum that celebrates rural life in Vermont.  It is a beautiful place to visit.


I especially love seeing the cows.  Okay, I have a thing for cows – I think they have the sweetest faces and are so gentle.  The livestock has a very nice life at Billings…

On day I plan to be there when they open and go to all the activities…it would be such a fun day.  Plus they have cooking classes that teach how to use local veggies…

You might want to check out their website

She's Been Sleepin…

killysleepI can tell Mom’s not feeling too good…she’s been sleeping on the couch on and off during the day…and watching a lot of tv.  She doesn’t usually do that during the day…

She goes places and does things – but, not since Monday…I got to see the pills she is taking and they are huge – big white things…she said they are for infection – and that she has to call the Dr on Monday after they are all gone!

Maybe she’ll feel better tomorrow and get on line…

In between time – I’m going to go take care of my mommy – I sleep on the couch with her and purr so she knows I’m here…

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