Ten On Tuesday…

10 Things You Want, but Wouldn’t Buy for Yourself

1)  Walk This Way:The Autobiography of Aerosmith – only because I already have so many books! 


Seasons 2, 3, 4, and 5!  I can’t help it – I still think that was one of the hottest shows on TV ever!

3)  The DVD of all the seasons of  Midnight Caller.  It is not available yet … but, it would be so cool if it were!

4)  Goat Milk Soaps and lotions from Jenness Farm LLC.  Actually, just about anything from them … it is a New Hampshire business and I like to support those kinds of businesses.  But, right now I have plenty of lotions, etc.

5)  Canon PowerShot G11 – but, I’m not good at spending that kind of money on a camera.

6)  An HD LCD 32″ television…I just could not justify buying a new tv when the one I own (although not an HD) is only 2-1/2 years old and works wonderfully.

7)  A GPS system for the car – that would be a luxury item…

8)  2009_BMW_Z4-Roadster

2009 BMW Z4 Roadster – only because that is a dream car – and because a convertible in New Hampshire!  Not without a garage and another car to drive in the winter!

9)  A new stereo system – again – because the one I own is wonderful and works great even though it is probably 15 years old.  It doesn’t have any bells and whistles – but, has a 25 cd player attached to it…and a turn-table.

10)  An alpaca – okay but, then I’d have to have a farm…so, that is another fun dream…Maybe when some friends of mine buy some property I can get an alpaca and it can live there with the horse they are buying.

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  1. Pat
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 20:51:55

    WOW…….you and I have totally different lists for this……except for the LCD TV. LOL I have to say that I never even watched Miami Vice OR Midnight Caller. I guess I live under a rock, huh? hehehe

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