Sunday, Sunday…

Not only has this week flown – but, the month is darn over – just about. 

In less than a week I will be a year older – but, I am looking forward to spending the time with friends knitting and learning new things…it will be so fun!!!

Haven’t gotten the kale soup made yet – just haven’t been in the mood to try new – so hopefully, I will be up for it tomorrow.

I have a couple of little things I need to finish sewing up before the end of the day…so, I’m going to go work on my sewing machine…

So, I will leave you with this lovely yarn to look at!  Think they will make cool socks!


Went to see Mother yesterday.  She was asleep when I got there as I went a little later than I normally do. 

Stopped by a beading store in New London called Vessels and Jewels to pick up some items I needed to make some pretty stitch markers.  I was very disappointed in the store – as I had thought I would also make a few pair of earrings – but, the staff showed no interest in either helping nor did they have any books or magazine showing different ideas.  When I asked  –  I was told “people just come in and do their own thing” .

Wondered what would happen if you didn’t know what the heck “your own thing was – but wanted to try”.

Mother looked good and had just gotten up from her nap. They got her up early because I called and told them I was coming to visit. I try to go at different times – and was glad I went yesterday as the weather here has been frigid! 

I took her some clothes that were here still in her closet.  They told me that they were just going to call me to tell me that she needed some pants a size larger than what I had been buying her.  She has gained weight!  Isnt’ that great. 

The activities person came up and asked her if she would like to go and hear some music – and she said “oh, yes!”  Since I had been there for most of the afternoon – I came on home. 

It is so nice to see that she has things she likes there; people who come and visit her (her Spanish speaking friend goes to visit at least four times a week as well as the chaplin – Cheryl); and that she is healthy, happy, and clean.

Friday Fill-in #161…


1. Wouldn’t it be easy if people loved each other as much as they love themselves.

2. I am enjoying my life and doing things better than ever!

3. I love the taste of Butter Pecan Ice Cream…it is so good.

4. Killian is sound asleep on the couch in the living room.

5. The first thing we’re going to do is check out the beautiful lodge and the landscape.

6. The sound coming from my bathroom sink is drip, drip, drip; It drives me crazy.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to catching up on e-mail, tomorrow my plans include fixing kale soup, reading, and sewing and Sunday, I want to just enjoy the day!


At 3:45 today, I ran out to pick up some chicken broth – and run another errand.

While at the second errand, I looked out the door and it looked like I was in the middle of a snow globe!  By 4:15 I had a bit of snow on my car – enough that I had to clean it off to drive home…and there was a bunch covering the street, sidewalks and ground.  I drove home in a “white out” – I think that’s what they call it up here when you can’t see too far ahead of you.

Will be making some Authentic Portuguese Soup – (Kale soup) in the next day or two and I promised a friend that I would do a tutorial on it.

So, see ya tomorrow…

More Compassionate…Maybe…

I am getting older!  In a little over a week I will be having another birthday!   And, I am starting to speak my mind more!  Maybe because it’s the right thing for me at this time in my life…and maybe because I’m feeling a little more compassion than I’ve felt before…

Last night while watching Nightline – I saw some really cruel practices at some dairy farms.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  So, I posted something on Facebook – which read as follows:

“Just watching Nightline – and they showed some guy “docking” the tail of a milk cow with no meds so it wouldn’t hurt. That’s just mean! Wonder how he would like it if I cut his n**s off without any meds for pain???

I got a little flack for that – from a high school buddy…to which I replied:

“I would like to clarify my position on the milk cow issue – I was accused of not being fair – but, in truth! I was fair – had a woman been inflicting that unjust pain to that animal – then I would have said something to the effect of wondering how she would like it if “certain parts” were cut off without pain meds.

I think we need to respect life whether it is a human or an animal. Since the procedure did nothing to contribute to the milk cow producing milk – then it was cruel! Undignified and totally unnescessary!

Never have I understood cruelty to others and I continue to be amazed at the lack of respect and caring that people show to the animals that produce the food that goes in their mouths – just to convience themselves. And, I will continue to speak out against unjust practices whether they be to animals or humans.”

Guess I can get off my soapbox now…

Tuesday Bullet Post…

It’s Tuesday – and not a lot going on … so, I thought it would be a good day to just catch up on small things…

1)  It’s raining!  And, it is supposed to rain all day and night.  It makes it kind of dreary in the house…even though I have my window shades open.

2)  Ann Budd has a blog!  For those of you who don’t know who she is – she’s a pretty famous knitter who has done several really good knitting books!  I really like her patterns.  In case you are interested you can click here to get to it.

3)  Woke up to 88 comments on my blog this morning.  I love that I am getting to meet some new people…I met some really neat bloggers last year during the OWOH event and we are now blogging friends.  If you are interested – drop by Lisa’s OWOH blog entry.

4)  The babies have adjusted to their new home in Bethlehem, NH – even though they now have to go out for walks on a lease instead of running wild in a fenced in yard.

5)  And, the best news – I am much better today.  See you tomorrow – right now I’m on my way to see who joined up in OWOH…

One World One Heart…


You may click on either the logo or the link to ride the Magic Carpet to meet other bloggers who are participating!

This is my second year participating in One World One Heart.  This is a chance to meet new bloggers, learn about other types of artists, and in general – just enjoy meeting other people who share a passion for living, loving, and creating.

This last year I have gone “green” – so, I would like to offer up a “green” solution to shopping by offering a lovely handmade grocery sack. 

It will be just like this – but, in a different color.  I don’t have any of those fabrics left.  The fabric is 100% cotton.  The handle is reinforced and the bag has French seams to make it more sturdy.

How to win:

1) Please leave a comment with a way to reach you if you are the winner…you may leave your e-mail address at the end of the comment – sample:  anyname at thisplace dot com.   That is a sure way I can ride the magic carpet to notify you if you are the winner.

2)  The drawing will be held on February 15th!  I will use a randon generator to pick the number for me.

In between time – enjoy life and I’ll be checking out your blogs!

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