Christmas gifts…

Yesterday Scarlett and Elizabeth came over to celebrate Christmas.  I thought Killian was going to knock Elizabeth down…mainly because she was carrying his present.


Killy received his very own catnip rubbed carpet to sleep on and a catnip filled turtle!  He loves the carpet! 


See what I mean? 

They gave me a bunch of things:  



Favorite food items; a sleep balm; a cool tee-shirt from Best Friends which looks like Zac and Isis; a journal; a tile made by our favorite potter which matches my casserole dish; a little quilting book; and the new Rod Stewart CD.

Among the gifts I gave them were some things that I made myself…


Pink and white wash clothes for Elizabeth (pink) and Scarlett.

bagsA set of three each shopping bags – any self-respecting Co-op grocery shopper has to have their own nice bags.


A pillowcase for Elizabeth and


a pillowcase for Scarlett.

A side note:  The shopping bags and the pillowcases both have French seams – and they turned out beautifully (if I do say so myself)!

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