Busy, Busy Day…

Today was the quarterly meeting with the staff where mother lives.  It is always interesting to see what they have to say.  She is very active – and participates in the morning and evening activities.  In the afternoons, after lunch, she prefers her nap. 

She eats really well – 75% to 100% of all of her meals, plus she has snacks during the day as well as juice and coffee.  Her weight is up to 110 pounds…and I don’t remember her weighing that ever – she is tiny only 4’11”.

During the winter they do not take them out and about – but plans are underway for a picnic in spring and she is on the list to go.  Plus the ice cream place at the harbor is one of her favorite places to go.

All in all – it was a good meeting…and she was in a happy mood.

Then this evening – I went and signed up for a cell phone plan of my own.  I will still be able to keep the same number – which is a good thing.  No longer on the “old” family plan I was under…and I get a new phone in July!

Well, that’s about it for today – am ready to relax, knit and watch Criminal Minds – it’s the first time it’s been on and not a repeat in ages!