Friday Fill-ins #159…


1. The lesson I learned yesterday was that I don’t do friends moving very well.  Dinner together was fun … and we did not say “good bye”  – cause we know we’ll see each other.

2. My house was always where friends and family meet.

3. All these years I believed a certain way – and this past year or so my beliefs have been shaken to the core…and I am finding that I really have to rethink what I thought was true.

4. It was snowing a little bit when I arrived.

5. The truth is sometimes harder to find than we think.

6. The sun was shining and the waves were rolling up on the shore is what I remember most from that day.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to knitting on some socks that I want to finish while I watch TV, tomorrow my plans include doing laundry and straightening up the house along with knitting and quilting and Sunday, I want to hopefully finish those socks – so I can start some new ones.

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  1. Elizabeth
    Jan 16, 2010 @ 06:37:22

    Hello, NE Bloggers!
    Our 1-year anniversary is coming up on Jan 27. To mark the occasion I am going to put up a Mr. Linky on the evening of Monday, January 25. If you’d like to write a post about living in NE, fav places to visit, funny stories and stereotypes, recipes, photos of our gorgeous landscape, anything, it would be great if you would link in. I’d also like a little idea of # of participants, if you could just send me a reply.
    Since I don’t have emails from everyone, I’m also leaving this message in your comments, sorry for the double-up.

  2. Janet
    Jan 16, 2010 @ 23:17:34

    Your response to #3 was interesting.

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