The End of the Month…

February – my birthday month has come to an end today.  I don’t feel any older – and certainly don’t act any older!  I’m the one drivin’ down the road with my stereo loudly playing – “You Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate.

At 64 – I am fortunate.  Have no real illnesses that can’t be controlled by medicine.  Even my asthma can be controlled and now that I have a rescue inhaler am feeling better about it.

Live in a State that I truly love.  I think I have been a New Englander all my life – just never realized it.  I don’t freak when it snows – and rather love the look of the land when it is white.  The mountains still thrill me – and I love the back roads…they take me to cute and welcoming little towns.  The four seasons each give me life and a sense of adventure.

My income provides for my needs and a few extras…true I have to save for the bigger things – but, doesn’t everyone?  The things I enjoy – books, music, movies, fabric and yarn are within my reach in my home…and keep me creative.

My family stays close – sometimes not as close as I would like – but, we are there for each other.  My daughter stays in touch via e-mail, FB, and the phone.  My sister does the same.  And, of course, I see Mom on a regular basis – and know that she is healthy and well taken care of.

My cat, Killian, is almost 14 now – and he still makes me laugh at his antics.  I can tell he is aging…every afternoon between 2 and 3 he heads for my bed for his afternoon nap…and comes out around dinner time at 6 or 7.

My friends are many – and I enjoy spending time with them either in person or on line…we share many things – our quilting, knitting, recipes, and love of life.

So, I am thankful for who I am and what I have accomplished…my life is lived to the fullest and I am going to continue to enjoy it to the fullest!!!

Books and Authors…

In the last year I have discovered some wonderful authors that were totally new to me…

The first one is J.T.Ellison.  She writes a heck of a psychological thriller.  Think that is why I like her writing so much…reminds me of the really gripping shows on Criminal Minds.  She has written four novels total – and I currently am reading her 4th – The Cold Room after waiting a while for it to come out.  Tend to get impatient when I’ve read the first three so quickly.

Ellison features a homicide detective named Taylor Jackson – and the novels are set in Nashville, TN.  

When checking the link to her website I found out that she is offering a gift to her readers  – you can download her first book “All the Pretty Girls” free from her website. It’s worth it…but, don’t blame me when you get hooked!

The second author I discovered this year was Ann Hood.  Ann is considered a contemporary fiction author…

The first book I read by her was called “The Knitting Circle” – and I have to tell you I could not put it down.  She writes books with characters that really grab hold of you and make you want to know them.

The second book I read was “The Properties of Water”.  Her books are about people and their lives – and each book she seems to pull me in.  She has written more than 10 books – and I recently purchased – “Somewhere off the Coast of Maine”. 

I really like what she does with characters…and I think I will be hunting down some of her other books. 

And, finally – a book that just grabbed my attention…

It is called “The Recipe Club” by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel – and it is the story of two friends who begin a two-person club where they share with each other their hopes, dreams, and disappointments through letters and recipes.  It is the type of book I like to read – I love reading books that are in letter form.  Borrowed it from the library – but, I have a feeling I will be buying it down the road.

As a matter of fact one of my most favorite books that is written this way is “A Woman of Independent Means” by Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey…

So that’s it for a cold and gray near-the-end-of-February day.

Friday Fill-ins #165…

1. A cup of tea warms the body as well as the soul.

2. Photos and books makes a place feel like home.

3. Everything has its beauty sometimes you just have to look for it.

4. So, do you love the taste of strawberries?

5. Art makes me feel good inside…and makes me thankful that I am able to enjoy it.

6. LOL I just noticed I forgot to get the mail yesterday.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to knitting and watching tv, tomorrow my plans include fixing a good dinner – maybe soup and hanging around at home – especially if it is snowing and Sunday, I want to just relax!

You can play here!

Yucky Day…

The weather is rainy and dark gray…even with my lights on in the kitchen/dining room and living room – everything still looks dark and gray.

Waiting to see what tonight brings with the second part of this storm…but, for now all the pretty snow we got yesterday is disappearing…

Maybe I’ll join Killian…

(yes – he claimed the pillow and fixed the covers to his liking)

One World One Heart Win…

The One World One Heart Giveaway was a wonderful way to meet new bloggers…and artists of different venues.

I was fortunate enough to win a lovely print from Florida, Our Secret Garden

This is a Cuban Tree Frog…and I just love the print.  I plan to frame it and hang it in my home.  It is an 8×10…

Thank you so much!

Ten on Tuesday…

10 Places We’ve Been Meaning to Visit

1)  Hood Museum – it’s just up the road at Dartmouth!

2) The Fells – it is a historic estate and gardens on Lake Sunapee donated by the Hay family.

3)  Franconia Notch State Park mainly because I want to walk through the Flume Gorge which is just beautiful.

4)  Bretton Woods Mount Washington Resort so that I can see Mount Washington up close and personal.  Plus it wouldn’t hurt to have lunch there and walk around.

5)  Foxwoods Casino – not necessarily to gamble but to see some of their exhibitions – like the Titanic Artifact Exhibition.

6)  Northampton, MA – it is such a cute town – and I’ve never taken the time to walk around the downtown area…plus there’s WEBS and just down the road in Hadley, a Trader Joe’s.

7)  Montreal – it’s less than four hours from me…I’ve been to Quebec City – now it’s time to see Montreal…(of course, I have to get my passport first)

8)  Montpelier, VT – I’d like to go and visit the State House, have lunch at the New England Culinary School, visit the yarn and quilt shops.  One of the things I’ve always enjoyed is visiting the State Capitols of our different US states.

9)  King Arthur Flour – to take a bread baking class…

10)  Alaska – this is a long term goal – but, I do want to go to Alaska…not sure how I want to do it – probably a cruise and an inland tour combined.

Most of these are a day trip – except for maybe Montreal – it would require a week-end…and of course, Alaska.

Expecting Snow…

We are expecting snow…starting tomorrow and going through the week-end.  The weatherman is being kind of scattered on what we should expect…saw 8-12 inches one place and then another said 5-8 inches…so, who knows!

So, I ran some errands today…went to Staples to make a couple of copies of a quilt pattern;  then to the grocery store – went to Hannaford’s this time – and picked up bread, cat food and litter…certainly don’t want to run out of those items…plus a couple of snacky things like hummus, chips and crackers.

From there I went and registered my car – to the tune of $126.20 and that does not include the $40.00 it will cost me to get it inspected – which is happening tomorrow.  I think it is a lot of money for a ten year old car that they don’t even make anymore!!!  It would have been $30.00 less but the state added a $30.00 surcharge this year to boost the budget.

Picked up a book by J. T. Ellison – called The Cold Room – which was a special order and just came into the book store…

So, I’ve got food, a good book to read, yarn and fabric plus the sweetest kitty in the entire world.  Bring on the snow!

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