Ten On Tuesday…

Once again we don’t have a listed topic – so, my friend, Carol suggested the following:

Ten Favorite Yarns

(These are in no particular order)

1)  Cabin Cove Yarn – When Dave was selling yarn – I was wild about his colors…and have quite a few yarns.

2)  Alpaca yarns – I love alpaca and it keeps me very warm.  I only buy from local farms (New Hampshire and Vermont so far)

3)  Knit Picks Yarn – they have some very lovely yarn that isn’t an arm and a leg…

4)  Sereknity Yarns – I love the feel of Heather’s Yarn; and bought some of her Rock Lobster to make the big red shawl.  She is also one of the nicest people around.

5.  Nightingale Fibers – Another one of my favorite places to buy yarn.

6)  The Knit Witch – a friend and a wonderful place to buy yarn.

7)  Sock Yarn – I don’t care whose sock yarn – I love all sock yarn.

8)  Peaches and Cream and Sugar and Cream – great little cotton to make dishcloths and kitchen towels with.

9)  Lace yarn – Since I am starting to make some shawls – lace yarn is a must. 

10) The new Cascade Linen yarn – oh, it is lovely!  I bought some to give away – and now I am wishing I had some.



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