The End Of The Month…

Sorry I’ve been under the weather with a darn sinus infection and headache for three days!  It was so bad that I spent most of yesterday in bed.  I hope once the rain disappears and we get some sun that I will get some relief.

Scarlett called me this morning to tell me they had a BEAR at their house last night!  It ripped up the bird feeder and took off with it…That’s kind of scary!

The quarterly meeting about mom was today – and she is up to 115 pounds!  I swear that is the most she has weighed in her entire life!  (I don’t think she weighed that much when she was pregnant with us!)

Plus they are trying out a new program – offering massages!  Mom has been getting one at least every week – it is of her neck and shoulders and lasts about 10 – 15 minutes.  She loves it!!!  Since it is in the experimental stages – they are not charging – just trying to get a feel for how many people would like it. 

If the program works out – and they decide to go with it – the massage therapist is going to charge 50 cents a minute…so it would be $5.00 to $7.50 for mom to get a massage!  That would be wonderful!!!  I hope it becomes part of the routine there!

March has been a “pain” here in New Hampshire…Lots of rain, lots of flooding, and many people have been affected.

I am most thankful that my area has been free of flooding – and that I am safe and warm in my home…Some of my friends have not been as lucky!  Please keep them in your thoughts.

Yarn Tasting…

Yarn tasting?  Yes, a yarn tasting!  It’s like a wine tasting – only you get to try out different yarns! 

(And, okay – there was some wine there too – along with some snacks, cranberry juice, and chocolate!)

As you know I was up in Littleton, New Hampshire and on Friday night my friends, Scarlett, Elizabeth, and I attended this wonderful yarn tasting at The Yarn Garden

I had “met” Susan, one of the owners, over the phone when I was looking for a certain pattern…and when I realized I would be there in time for the yarn tasting I asked her to sign me and my friends up.

We arrived at the shop – which is beautiful – and has some of the nicest yarns I’ve seen – a little after the beginning …  At our place at the table we each found this:

Each of these little cards contained a bit of yarn from South West Trading Company.  There was some bamboo, corn fiber, Soysilk, and Tofutsies (Superwash Wool, Soysilk, cotton, & Chitin {shrimp & crab shells}). 

We sat around and talked, shared ideas about patterns for a wedding afghan, helped pick out the color for one of the gals husband’s office, ate goodies, laughed, and met new friends. 

Elizabeth is a new knitter and she really enjoyed the experience of getting to try new yarns.  Scarlett is a yarn picker – she picks yarn for some else to knit something for her.  But, since they were new in the community – it gave them a chance to meet people there. 

Scarlett walked out with the name of a new accountant – who she met there; several recommendations for places to see and restaurant suggestions. 

It was knitters doing what we do best – sharing!  And, it was totally FUN!

Oh, and did I mention that there were door prizes:

A sock pattern, a hat pattern, and a skein of Tofutsies!  Guess who is going to have some nice socks!  Scarlett and Elizabeth gave me their prizes as a present! 

And, there were purchases too…

Some lovely wool/alpaca blend to make a warm winter hat.  Think it will be the Bias Ridged Hat…

I had a really fun time – and will be going back again to visit Susan and the shop!!!

Friday Fill-ins #169 …


And…here we go!

1. The right word somehow magically comes to mind when I need it.

2. If you live in an apartment building, be aware of your neighbors and shut the door quietly, please.

3. Up the Down Staircase – was the name of a book I once read … sometimes my life feels that way.

4. The local yarn shop, fabric shop or bookstore is where you’ll find me.  Does that surprise you???

5. Ooh! What is that beautiful flower called?

6. Taking good care of yourself  is a good idea.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching the new Jamie Oliver series and knitting, tomorrow my plans include cleaning the bathroom and going through the cabinets – getting rid of things I no longer need and Sunday, I want to chill out, watch tv, and knit and quilt

You can play here!

The Colors of March…

It’s time again to show our colors…so do drop by Sue’s place to see all the other Colors of March…

I went to Littleton and Bethlehem, New Hampshire this past weekend.  It was beautiful!  And, I got to see some lovely things, places, and people…

Mount Washington – I had never seen Mount Washington in person.  It took my breath away!

The Mount Washington Hotel sits right at the base of Mount Washington.  The red roof just explodes against the beautiful mountain.

The sign telling you about the marvelous Mount Washington Hotel.

Scarlett and Elizabeth’s house in the middle of the woods where a lot of green is starting to show up.

It really was beautiful up there!  I hope to go back again.

Ten on Tuesday…

Once again, my friend, Carole, came up with the perfect list for today…

Ten Signs of Spring

1)  There are buds on bushes and trees.

2)  I see and hear little birds flying around and singing.

3)  Light rain – or in some cases like the last few days here – heavy rain.

4)  Daffodils popping up.

5)  Trees and grass starting to turn green.

6)  Snow melting

7)  Blue skies and the ability to drive around with my sun-roof open.

8)  Not having to wear a heavy coat! 

9)  Pancake breakfasts are starting up.

10)  Maple syrup is starting to be produced – trees are being tapped.

I'm Home…

What a wonderful week-end I had!!!  Just wanted to let you know that I am home safely!  And, plan on catching up on e-mail and blogs within the next day or two…plus I’ll share all my adventures with you.

See you tomorrow!

Swapped Yarn…

Over at Ravelry – the place for knitters, spinners, weavers, etc – I belong to a group that swaps out yarn.  Recently I got some beautiful yarn from Falling Leaf Yarns…

Falling Leaf Yarns

Bahama Breeze Colorway – 200 yards – 100% Wool Worsted

Falling Leaf Yarns

Summer Sun Colorway – 219 yards – 93% Wool/7% Nylon  Aran weight

Just love both of them…they are so soft…and pretty!

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