Friday Fill-Ins #167…

1. I am so looking forward to learning how to do free motion machine quiltingActually, I am a little nervous!!!

2. I hope this medicine lets me sleep later.  After I took it yesterday morning with food as directed – I had insomnia and never went to sleep until 5:30 am

3. When you get to feeling sorry for yourself – just remember there are others who have it a hundred times worse than you do.

4. Reading is a big part of my life. Gee, like you didn’t already know that.

5. If you need anything please be sure to let me know – I will do whatever I can to help.

6. Think it is about time to start planning a trip.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching a little TV and doing some knitting, tomorrow my plans include attending and participating in a class on Free Motion Machine Quilting and Sunday, I want to work on some projects!

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  1. Dave Daniels
    Mar 12, 2010 @ 15:18:34

    Freemotion quilting is SO much fun. It’s like playing in a thread river. Or something like that. When I’m doing it, I just think of paisley patterns. You’re going to really love it!

  2. Pat
    Mar 12, 2010 @ 22:55:28

    I would like to get better at free-motion quilting myself. Have a fun time at your class!

  3. Janet
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 21:20:59

    Another great fill-in. You always have such interesting answers.

  4. Janet
    Mar 15, 2010 @ 09:18:19

    I hope you got some sleep and had fun this weekend!

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