April Ends…

I can’t believe April is almost over.  And, it has been a month to remember!

The surgery is great.   I can actually breathe through my nose – probably for the first time in my life.  The little bit of swelling and black and blue is about gone.

The Netti-Pot and I have overcome our problems!  And, it is working for me.

Still keeping up with all the doctor’s orders – but, do you realize how many times a day you bend or stoop???  And, of course, cause you can’t do it – you get the dropsies!!!

The diabeties is under control!  And, I’m not scared anymore – and learning how to do and eat the best things for me…while still enjoying my life.

Am looking forward to May – and the rest of the year…illness free! 

Just in case you think I’ve been sitting on my butt – and not knitting or anything – I have a finish:

What started out as 15 of these squares (which looked awful when I tried to sew them together) became this:

A cute afghan – for the nursing home where Mom lives.

Cool, huh?

Plus I’m working on a certain person’s socks – they are coming along beautifully!!!


I'm Home…

Just got home from the hospital a few hours ago.  They kept me overnight – not because of the surgery – but, because we couldn’t get my oxygen saturations level.  And, I had to be weaned off the oxygen.

Surgery went wonderfully!  My nose doesn’t even hurt – hardly any swelling.

Going back to bed…see you tomorrow…

It's Going Well…Surgery…

I am feeling much better after meeting with my diabetics educator!  She was wonderful.  My fears and concerns were met with knowledge and encouragement.

When I mentioned that I really hated things that had ingredients that I could not pronounce and weren’t “real” food – she said I didn’t have to use those…that I could work real foods in. 

I am drinking water – more water than I ever thought I would drink in my entire life has been consumed in the last week!  I have never liked water – it has no taste!  But, I will continue to drink it…

Bought myself one of those Pur water filter pitchers…and it eases my mind about better water.  I just don’t feel that I want to buy bottled water all the time.

Now I have to tell you this will be a learning experience but so far I am doing well and my blood sugars have been really good since I got home.

On Monday – I will be having my surgery!  Scarlett is coming down to stay that night and take me the next day to the doctor.  I will have her post on my blog that night!

Things may be a bit sporadic around here for a little while – but, I hope you will not give up on me…and that all of you will hang in there with me.


The Week from Hell…

I know it’s been an entire week without my blogging…so, I guess I better fill you in on my strange and upsetting week.

Monday, I went to the hospital for a physical and labs for my upcoming sinus surgery.  Got all the stuff done and went and visited with Mom (who was going out to lunch at her favorite restaurant by the water).

Came home to find a message from my doctor’s office asking me to please call.  I called – she asked me come back to redo a blood test.  I told her I would go ahead and come back (45 minutes one way) – since it was a pretty day out…

Got there and they immediately took me back – the nurse came in and stated that she needed to do a finger stick…and I was okay with that.  Then my doctor and the doctor who had seen me for the physical came in.  They asked if I was feeling okay…Yes;  Was I thirsty – Yes; A lot – well, yes…

Then they hit me with the news:  They told me that my blood sugar was 627.  And, that they needed to admit me to get things under control…and find out what was going on.

I had nothing with me – no bed clothes, no books, no KNITTING…so, I asked if I could run next door to the pharmacy that carries all that stuff…and they said yes – but to hurry.  They didn’t want me gone long.  I ran over – they had no interesting books – but, I got some cotton yarn to make a dishcloth.

The next two days were just a blur of tests and blood sugar checks and insulin – and to make a long story short I was allowed to come home late Wednesday afternoon.

At this point in time – they are saying that I am a diabetic…and I am testing my sugars twice a day and taking a medicine for it.

The only thing they can figure was that I might have been pre-diabetic and with all the Prednisome that I was taking and had taken in a short time – it just blew it right out!

Have been going from totally confused to not having any energy to not really having the spirit to do the things I like (blog, knit, quilt)…

Today is the first day that I have felt better – and I will be visiting with a diabetic educator this coming week.  I really need to do that – it will keep me from standing in the kitchen with my hands in the air and crying cause I am so damn confused about carbs, sugars, and servings. 

But, I will get this under control too…I always manage to get past all the challenges that come my way … this one just might take a little longer…

Fun Day…

Today was such a fun day!  And, I almost didn’t go. 

Began the morning heading to a Community Wool Fest & Free Wool Giveaway.  This was held on a Vermont Farm – there were baby lambs everywhere you turned…

Mom, I’m hungry!!! 

This little one was so frisky about getting his milk – and his two siblings were on the other side…

And, this little darling…came over finally and sniffed my hand – then started chewing on my fingers!

From there I went into the barn – ran into a Cheese-maker …

Beautiful wheel of cheese…tried two different cheeses.  Once was a mix of cow and sheep.  It was softer and had more fat.  The other was a sheep cheese – and I loved it.  It was a harder cheese and had a really nice taste.  Didn’t buy any…though.

Then I ran into a friend of mine – Kristen, she owns a small farm with some wonderful goats that she won last year or the year before – can’t remember exactly.  I remember when she was trying to win the goats and a lot of us sent letters and e-mails to the person who was giving them away.  She held a contest and Kristen won!  We met at a local yarn shop a while back – and her mom and I went to the Vermont Knitting Camp in February! 

It was so nice to see her – she was trying to teach me to spin on a spindle – but, I’m not too great at it yet…practice!  And, lots of it.

The farm folk were giving away free wool…so, I picked a small bag for myself.  Not even five pounds…It needs to be washed and carded…but, I will be using it to make thrummed mittens for myself…so, I am glad I have the raw fleece to work with.

On the way home, I stopped at a small quilt show…The quilts were very nice and I enjoyed seeing them.

Thinking it is Sunday…

For some reason I am thinking today is Sunday!  And, it isn’t!

Did I tell you I am back on Prednisone for another sinus infection?  And, I know I told you how I reacted last time I took it!

This is what the last two days have been like…up early on Friday morning – ate breakfast because I have to in order to take the med…took my 3 little pills…

Watched tv until about 11:15 last night – went to bed and was reading The Bone Vault by Linda Fairstein…got really sleepy.  Turned off light!  Wide awake!  Think I slept an entire 2 hours total…

But, I can tell you exactly how Killian sleeps – he lays as close to my thigh and knees as possible…stretches out…and snores.  Yes, he snores.  He doesn’t get up until around 5:30 for water and food.  Then he comes back to bed…

I know because I was wide awake watching him…all.night.long!  Got to sleep for about an hour about 6:27 am…then the phone rang…

Finally I got up – ate breakfast, took my meds (3 more of those little devils) – sat down in the chair to watch some early morning cooking shows and fell asleep for 2-1/2 hours.

But, my skin looks beautiful…and a bite that I had scratched is totally healed and as smooth as baby skin…

Ahhhh…six more days of the lovely meds!

I did manage to run to the bookstore today – picked up 2 more Linda Fairstein books!  And some tilapea from the fish monger at Hannaford’s.  He calls me sweetie…and tells me how to cook the different fish that I don’t know how to cook.  Works for me!


Spring flowers #2

And…here we go!

1. In 1992, I was eighteen years younger than I am now and living in Florida.

2. Little babies, cats, and dogs bring laughter and smiles.

3. Do what you love and enjoy, with what you have, where you live and love.

4. Walking through the woods or maybe walking on the beach is where I’d like to be.  It is a tough decision.

5. The trees and flowers are telling me Spring is arriving – and I am so happy to see the pretty flowers sticking their little heads up to catch the sun.

6. The getting things taken care of before surgery that just keeps going on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing in front of the tv with some knitting, tomorrow my plans include getting a few blocks done for my quilt guild, and Sunday, I want to have finished this really good book I am reading!

You can play here!

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