It's Going Well…Surgery…

I am feeling much better after meeting with my diabetics educator!  She was wonderful.  My fears and concerns were met with knowledge and encouragement.

When I mentioned that I really hated things that had ingredients that I could not pronounce and weren’t “real” food – she said I didn’t have to use those…that I could work real foods in. 

I am drinking water – more water than I ever thought I would drink in my entire life has been consumed in the last week!  I have never liked water – it has no taste!  But, I will continue to drink it…

Bought myself one of those Pur water filter pitchers…and it eases my mind about better water.  I just don’t feel that I want to buy bottled water all the time.

Now I have to tell you this will be a learning experience but so far I am doing well and my blood sugars have been really good since I got home.

On Monday – I will be having my surgery!  Scarlett is coming down to stay that night and take me the next day to the doctor.  I will have her post on my blog that night!

Things may be a bit sporadic around here for a little while – but, I hope you will not give up on me…and that all of you will hang in there with me.