April Ends…

I can’t believe April is almost over.  And, it has been a month to remember!

The surgery is great.   I can actually breathe through my nose – probably for the first time in my life.  The little bit of swelling and black and blue is about gone.

The Netti-Pot and I have overcome our problems!  And, it is working for me.

Still keeping up with all the doctor’s orders – but, do you realize how many times a day you bend or stoop???  And, of course, cause you can’t do it – you get the dropsies!!!

The diabeties is under control!  And, I’m not scared anymore – and learning how to do and eat the best things for me…while still enjoying my life.

Am looking forward to May – and the rest of the year…illness free! 

Just in case you think I’ve been sitting on my butt – and not knitting or anything – I have a finish:

What started out as 15 of these squares (which looked awful when I tried to sew them together) became this:

A cute afghan – for the nursing home where Mom lives.

Cool, huh?

Plus I’m working on a certain person’s socks – they are coming along beautifully!!!