Ten on Tuesday…

Once again, Carole came up with a great topic:

Ten People I Would Like to Interview

1)  James Patterson – I just want to know how he comes up with all the ideas he has for books.

2)  President Obama – I’d like to know what makes him the human he is – not the political person – but, the real person.

3)  Chef Cat Cora – Actually, I’d like to spend about a week with her and learn cooking techniques from her.

4)  Barbra Streisand – I think she is one of the most talented women in Hollywood.

5)  Barbara Walters – Think we need to turn the tables on her … I find her to be fascinating.

6)  Cher – Yep.  Another fascinating person – I would love to know how she has been so successful in her career – and how she has handled her private life.

7) Ann Hood  – another writer.  I would just love to know more about her especially since her books are so gripping.

8)  Eric Ripert – another chef  – owner of  Le Bernardin in NYC among other restaurants – he has such an interesting way of looking at food, nature, and cooking.

9)  My mother, Carmen.  I would like to find out all about her childhood in Puerto Rico and about the rest of our family.

10)  My daughter, Tara – not as a mother – but taking that equation out so that there are no emotional issues – and we can learn from each other.

There you go – that’s my 10!  What would some of yours be?


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  1. Stephanie
    May 04, 2010 @ 20:02:36

    I met Cat Cora, she is a sweetheart. Great list! Barbara Walters would be a great interview.

  2. Pat
    May 05, 2010 @ 17:55:28

    Someone like Tom Brokaw who has been all over the world as a news journalist to hear about his life and the things that have surprised him the most……startled him the most….worried him the most, etc.

  3. Debby
    May 06, 2010 @ 00:52:17

    I caught up on your last few posts and am so glad you are healing so well from your surgery. You seem in great spirits and are adjusting to the new eating plans well. I’m so happy for you!

    Am in awe of your 52 books in 52 weeks plan! I’d love to try that someday. Please keep sharing your books with us.

    On to your question today, I love going to booktalks at our local book shop, so I suppose most of my list would include authors, and then I could ask them lots of questions about their craft. I’d like to meet Kat Coyle; I like so many of her knitting designs and wonder where she gets her inspiration. I’d also like to interview a top feline veterinarian, because I have so many questions about cat psychology and I think that would be fascinating. I’m sure there are more…

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