Monday, Monday…

Yes, I am home from vacation…have I posted any vacation photos – No – not yet.  But, I will.

The main reason I have not spoken about my vacation is that the Tuesday after my vacation – I received a phone call from an apartment complex that I had been on the wait list for over two years.  They have an apartment for me.

I am THRILLED.  It is in a Seniors Apartment complex – and it has a ton of amenities that I do not currently have…but, the coolest thing is – it has a balcony!!!

So, I will tell you – I may be sporadic in posting – and in answering e-mail.  Am trying to take the last hour before going to sleep to answer e-mail and read blogs…

And, of course, I have help – I would like you to meet the official box checker:

and here he is again:

So glad I can know my boxes are safe!!!

A Special Moment…

Mail call today brought tears to my eyes…I was not expecting the reaction I got when I opened my mail and found this:

And, that it arrived on 9/11 – made it even more special.  It is just truly amazing to live in the United States of America…and I am honored to be a citizen!

I will never forget 9/11 – and those who passed away…and those who now fight for my freedom…and the ability to carry a passport from my very loved country.

Friday Fill-ins #192…

1. Family means everything to me.

2. I feel like I am always going back and forth between home and the grocery store.

3. I love a really good Caesar’s Salad – like the one I had at the Azure Cafe in Freeport, Maine on the way home from vacation.

4. Good friends and laughter makes a good meal.

5. I’ve got the the apartment of my dreams – it has a balcony!  I never realized I missed the outside until I didn’t have access to it.  I’m moving by October 8th!!!

6. The Palin kid on Dancing with the Stars: wth!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing and talking with my daughter, tomorrow my plans include starting to pack up some of my things and Sunday, I want to pack up some more and then relax!