Monday, Monday…

Yes, I am home from vacation…have I posted any vacation photos – No – not yet.  But, I will.

The main reason I have not spoken about my vacation is that the Tuesday after my vacation – I received a phone call from an apartment complex that I had been on the wait list for over two years.  They have an apartment for me.

I am THRILLED.  It is in a Seniors Apartment complex – and it has a ton of amenities that I do not currently have…but, the coolest thing is – it has a balcony!!!

So, I will tell you – I may be sporadic in posting – and in answering e-mail.  Am trying to take the last hour before going to sleep to answer e-mail and read blogs…

And, of course, I have help – I would like you to meet the official box checker:

and here he is again:

So glad I can know my boxes are safe!!!


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  1. Pat
    Sep 13, 2010 @ 15:51:10

    I’m really happy for you at getting this apartment you’ve been wanting. It sounds very nice. Killian is doing a good job for you, I see.

  2. Sarah
    Sep 13, 2010 @ 20:03:51

    How exciting!

  3. Jennifer
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 02:11:47

    Oh, that is so good to hear, I am very happy for you! You will love having a balcony because that means you will have a view. Killian looks about as helpful as our kitties were when we moved.

  4. Kym
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 07:32:41

    How exciting! I hope your move goes smoothly (and with that helpful guy. . . how can it not????) and that you are settled quickly.

  5. Pat Wys
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 06:13:30

    Congrats on the apartment..Moving is difficult but a very good thing once you get “settled”.


  6. Ninon
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 00:23:38

    Congrats on getting the apartment Sara!
    Your kitty is just so cute 🙂

  7. Audrey
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 15:24:53

    Congratulations on the new apartment!! I don’t envy you having to pack, though you do have some very good looking help there 🙂

  8. OldOldLady Of The Hills
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 18:02:44

    CONGRATS, my dear! How wonderful that you will be exactly where you want to be…And your dear Killian, too!

  9. colleen
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 23:34:40

    That’s great! I hope you will post some photos.

  10. Janet
    Sep 24, 2010 @ 15:52:20

    Wow….I’ve been away from Blogland for a bit and didn’t know you were moving until now. How exciting! Love your box checker….what is it about cats and boxes? Mine love them, too.

    Good luck on the move….and don’t work too hard.

  11. OldOldLady Of The Hills
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 11:12:11

    I hope your move is going well, my dear…..Thanks for asking about Sweetie. He is doing okay. He gets his MEDS every day–someone comes each day to give him these pills—And it is NOT easy for them and they do this every day, all day….But, this is keeping him on an even keel, I’m glad to say…..!

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