February Ends…

My friend, Elizabeth and I both have February birthdays…and we decided to make our February birthdays even more special by ending the month with a giveaway…

So, here are the rules…

1)  Stop by Elizabeth’s website Open Air Photo and check out her gallery of photos.

2)  Come back here to my blog and let me know which photo really speaks to you.

3)  Only one entry per person, please.

4)  Make sure I have a way to contact you.

5)  The contest will end on Sunday, March 6th at Midnight.  The Random drawing will take place Monday and the winner will be notified by e-mail and here on the blog.

The prize, you ask??? 

The prize will be a set of six notecards – which will include your favorite photo. 

Thanks for helping us make our birthdays a little more special…

Home Again…

I am home – after spending the most awesome week-end in Freeport, Maine at SPA.  SPA is a spinning, weaving, and knitting event that takes over three hotels and really  takes over the town of Freeport.  In order to beat the winter storm we arrived late on Thursday and left this afternoon…

So, I’m sleepy – and headed for bed – but, I’ll tell you more about it – in this next week.


I have discovered a new cooking blog…and I thought I might share it with you…

The Fromagette: Epicurean Provocateur  is a wonderful blog.  The recipes sound devine – and her photos of all the different recipes just make you want to dive right through your computer screen and pig out.’

When I saw the recipe for Prosciutto and Cheddar Cheese Bread  I knew I found a blog that I would really enjoy.  Check it out – I think you’ll like her blog. 



Went to visit Mom Thursday afternoon … She was really happy to see me and recognized me.  We talked and she told me she loves her massage (which she gets weekly!) 

The activities person gave me a few photos that were taken of Mom and I thought I would share them.

Halloween – Mom and I – waiting for the kids to come by and go trick or treating.

Sonme of the staff with Mom and I…

The woman with mom is the chaplin – and she and Mom are great friends.   This was taken at their Christmas party.

Killian, here…

I haven’t been here for a while – cause Mom has been hogging the computer.  But, she’s busy washing dishes – so, I’m grabbing it.

You know we moved … and I love our new apartment –  My favorite place to be is here:

This is Mom’s bed – and from here I have a view of the world.  There is this nice huge window that I can see out…and it overlooks the woods.  Would you believe one day I saw another CAT down there?

I also like the balcony – but, I made a big mistake and stuck my foot and head through the fence part of it – and now I’m not allowed out there.

Everyday I get to go out into the hallway and see my special friends that work on puzzles – they have a nice alcove there and I go and talk to them and get petted.

It’s a good life here – and my Mom is very happy…

Warm Hats, Not Hot Heads…

Warm Hats, Not Hot Heads is the brainchild of Allison and Ellen.  The plan is for many knitters to join in on their effort to introduce a bit more kindness into the political sphere with the delivery of handknits to our Congresspeople.

I, for one, am tired of the hate-filled screaming matches between our elected officials – so, I am doing my part.  This is the hat I made for Kelly Ayotte. 

It will be sent along with this letter:

Dear Kelly,

This hat was hand knit with care for you. Many of your colleagues will also be receiving hats from knitters of all political stripes and from all around the nation.

Why a hat? Knit hats meet a simple need for warmth. They are an every day comfort. Everyone can use a good hat.

Civil political discourse also meets a simple need – the need for our government to have the best information and insights from many viewpoints. It would be an every day comfort to me and many other Americans if the airwaves were free of hate-filled rhetoric, and it would lead to good government. As I’m sure you agree, everyone can use good government.

Thank you for your service, and best regards,


I will also be sending one to Frank Guinta…same hat style only in blue…

Ten on Tuesday…

Ten Favorite Cocktails/Mocktails

1)  Virgin Bloody Mary

2)  Virgin Pina Colada  – just like it with out the rum.

3)  Amaretto on the rocks

4)  Amaretto with half and half

5)  Amaretto Sour

6)  Champagne with Framboise with some lovely raspberries in the bottom of the flute.

7)  Tom Collins – very citrusy and refreshing

8)  Margarita with lots of salt around the rim.

9)  Champagne Cocktail

10)  Frangelico with Bailey’s Irish Cream

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