Ten on Tuesday…

10 Favorite Non-Knitting  Blogs

Today we are talking – non-knitting blogs – Do I even read non-knitting blogs?  Yes!  Of course – so here are ten of my favorite non-knitting blogs in no particular order.

1)  ZooBorns – I love this blog – mainly because I love animals.  Each time a new post comes up it is about some special little wildlife creature who was recently born.  And, who doesn’t love babies!  It’s a fun blog…

2)  Tending Snapdragons – This blog belongs to a group of my friends in Windsor, Vermont.  They renovated an old historical home and transformed it into a beautiful Inn.  It was fun to watch the process and now to see what is happening with the Inn.

3)  Alice in Paris Loves Art and Tea  – Shelagh Duffett is a marvelous artist who lives in Nova Scotia.  Her blog is fun and fascinating – and she takes the most awesome photos of her world – it’s a joy to visit her bright and cheerful blog.

4)  Baking Banter –  The blog belongs to King Arthur’s Flour Company in Norwich, Vermont.  Lots of good recipes – and ideas.  Plus it isn’t a long trip to find something you might need for that special recipe.

5)  Crazy Mom Quilts –  One of my favorite quilting blogs – AmandaJean is very inspiring and talented.  She shares patterns and ideas very willingly…and it’s a fun blog to read.

6)  Enchanted Revelries – Quilter and Friend, Tristan Robin Blakeman – great blog and great fun!!!

7)  Mille Fiori Favoriti – Pat lives in New York City – and I get to see New York City through the eyes of someone who loves where she lives.  Having been to New York City – and wanting to go again – I just enjoy seeing the city and planning places I want to go and see.

8)  Shepard’s Alley – another cool blog – cats, travel, Los Angeles – and just about his life.  It’s a good blog. 

9)  The Pioneer Woman Cooks –  Oh, yeah.  Good food and great recipes – photo by photo explanation…If you like to cook this is a good blog for it…

10)  Mennonite Girls Can Cook  –  Another food blog – and it is a  good one…some simple recipes that are very good…