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10 Favorite Non-Knitting  Blogs

Today we are talking – non-knitting blogs – Do I even read non-knitting blogs?  Yes!  Of course – so here are ten of my favorite non-knitting blogs in no particular order.

1)  ZooBorns – I love this blog – mainly because I love animals.  Each time a new post comes up it is about some special little wildlife creature who was recently born.  And, who doesn’t love babies!  It’s a fun blog…

2)  Tending Snapdragons – This blog belongs to a group of my friends in Windsor, Vermont.  They renovated an old historical home and transformed it into a beautiful Inn.  It was fun to watch the process and now to see what is happening with the Inn.

3)  Alice in Paris Loves Art and Tea  – Shelagh Duffett is a marvelous artist who lives in Nova Scotia.  Her blog is fun and fascinating – and she takes the most awesome photos of her world – it’s a joy to visit her bright and cheerful blog.

4)  Baking Banter –  The blog belongs to King Arthur’s Flour Company in Norwich, Vermont.  Lots of good recipes – and ideas.  Plus it isn’t a long trip to find something you might need for that special recipe.

5)  Crazy Mom Quilts –  One of my favorite quilting blogs – AmandaJean is very inspiring and talented.  She shares patterns and ideas very willingly…and it’s a fun blog to read.

6)  Enchanted Revelries – Quilter and Friend, Tristan Robin Blakeman – great blog and great fun!!!

7)  Mille Fiori Favoriti – Pat lives in New York City – and I get to see New York City through the eyes of someone who loves where she lives.  Having been to New York City – and wanting to go again – I just enjoy seeing the city and planning places I want to go and see.

8)  Shepard’s Alley – another cool blog – cats, travel, Los Angeles – and just about his life.  It’s a good blog. 

9)  The Pioneer Woman Cooks –  Oh, yeah.  Good food and great recipes – photo by photo explanation…If you like to cook this is a good blog for it…

10)  Mennonite Girls Can Cook  –  Another food blog – and it is a  good one…some simple recipes that are very good…


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  1. Kym
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 20:10:21

    Now these look interesting! I’ve been worried all day about finding too many new and distracting sites. Now. . . you’ve done it! ;^)

  2. Esther
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 21:27:34

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog for OWOH! It’s so nice to meet you! I’m interested in looking at some of these 10 blogs you like here! Thanks for sharing and good luck in my drawing!


  3. shelagh
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 21:40:57

    Hey, thanks!!! Hope you are warm and toasty. The wind and snow are howling up here tonight!

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